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2019The role of N-terminal heterocycles in hydrogen bonding to α-chymotrypsinSchumann, N.; Bruning, J.; Marshall, A.; Abell, A.
2013Failure mechanisms of nanoparticle reinforced metal matrix compositeBasak, A.; Pramanik, A.; Islam, M.; International Forum on Mechanical and Material Engineering (2013 : Guangzhou, China)
2013Strongly-coupled unquenched QED₄ propagators using Schwinger-Dyson equationsKizilersu, A.; Sizer, T.; Williams, A.
2013Quantifying the dependence between extreme rainfall and storm surge in the coastal zoneZheng, F.; Westra, S.; Sisson, S.
2014Clinical outcomes and genome-wide association for a brain methylation site in an antidepressant pharmacogenetics study in Mexican AmericansWong, M.; Dong, C.; Flores, D.; Ehrhart-Bornstein, M.; Bornstein, S.; Arcos-Burgos, M.; Licinio, J.
2014Early evidence of xeromorphy in angiosperms: stomatal encryption in a new Eocene species of Banksia (Proteaceae) from Western AustraliaCarpenter, R.; McLoughlin, S.; Hill, R.; McNamara, K.; Jordan, G.
2014A paleogene trans-antarctic distribution for Ripogonum (Ripogonaceae: Liliales)?Carpenter, R.J.; Wilf, P.; Conran, J.G.; Rubén Cúneo, N.
2014Managing cancer-related fatigue in men with prostate cancer: a systematic review of non-pharmacological interventionsLarkin, D.; Lopez, V.; Aromataris, E.
2015A programming tool to generate multi-site daily rainfall using a two-stage semi parametric modelMehrotra, R.; Li, J.; Westra, S.; Sharma, A.
2014Early life stress shapes female reproductive strategy through eggshell pigmentation in Japanese quailDuval, C.; Zimmer, C.; Mikšík, I.; Cassey, P.; Spencer, K.