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2019'At the grass roots level it's about sitting down and talking': exploring quality improvement through case studies with high-improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary healthcare servicesLarkins, S.; Carlisle, K.; Turner, N.; Taylor, J.; Copley, K.; Cooney, S.; Wright, R.; Matthews, V.; Thompson, S.; Bailie, R.
2017Significant locus and metabolic genetic correlations revealed in genome-wide association study of anorexia nervosaDuncan, L.; Yilmaz, Z.; Gaspar, H.; Walters, R.; Goldstein, J.; Anttila, V.; Bulik-Sullivan, B.; Ripke, S.; Thornton, L.; Hinney, A.; Daly, M.; Sullivan, P.; Zeggini, E.; Breen, G.; Bulik, C.; Gaspar, H.; Walters, R.; Goldstein, J.; Adan, R.; Alfredsson, L.; et al.
1997The spectrum of primary immundeficiency disorders in AustraliaBaumgart, K.; Britton, W.; Kemp, A.; French, M.; Roberton, D.
2019Intraseason decline in influenza vaccine effectiveness during the 2016 southern hemisphere influenza season: a test-negative design study and phylogenetic assessmentRegan, A.; Fielding, J.; Chilver, M.; Carville, K.; Minney-Smith, C.; Grant, K.; Thomson, C.; Hahesy, T.; Deng, Y.; Stocks, N.; Sullivan, S.
2017Time-use patterns and health-related quality of life in adolescentsWong, M.; Olds, T.; Gold, L.; Lycett, K.; Dumuid, D.; Muller, J.; Mensah, F.; Burgner, D.; Carlin, J.; Edwards, B.; Dwyer, T.; Azzopardi, P.; Wake, M.
2017Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, vascular inflammation and insulin resistance are exacerbated by TRAIL deletion in miceCartland, S.; Harith, H.; Genner, S.; Dang, L.; Cogger, V.; Vellozzi, M.; Di Bartolo, B.; Thomas, S.; Adams, L.; Kavurma, M.
2018Characterising seasonal influenza epidemiology using primary care surveillance dataCope, R.; Ross, J.; Chilver, M.; Stocks, N.; Mitchell, L.
2019Case fatality rates of invasive meningococcal disease by serogroup and age: a systematic review and meta-analysisWang, B.; Santoreneos, R.; Giles, L.; Haji Ali Afzali, H.; Marshall, H.
2014Influenza vaccine effectiveness in Australia: results from the Australian Sentinel Practices Research NetworkSullivan, S.; Chilver, M.; Higgins, G.; Cheng, A.; Stocks, N.
2004A new solution for an old problem? Effects of a nurse-led, multidisciplinary, home-based intervention on readmission and mortality inpatients with chronic atrial fibrillationInglis, S.; McLennan, S.; Dawson, A.; Birchmore, L.; Horowitz, J.; Wilkinson, D.; Stewart, S.