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2003Self-reported patterns of health services utilisation: an urban-rural comparison in South AustraliaDempsey, P.; Wilson, D.; Taylor, A.; Wilkinson, D.
2002The placebo response and effect of time in a trial of acupuncture to treat nausea and vomiting in early pregnancySmith, C.; Crowther, C.
2003Sarcoma and familial retinoblastomaChen, C.; Suthers, G.; Carroll, J.; Rudzki, Z.; Muecke, J.
2002Transient bone marrow edema in renal transplantation: A distinct post-transplantation syndrome with a characteristic MRI appearanceCoates, P.; Tie, M.; Russ, G.; Mathew, T.
2003Two further cases of Ohdo syndrome delineate the phenotypic variability of the conditionWhite, S.; Ades, L.; Amor, D.; Liebelt, J.; Bankier, A.; Baker, E.; Wilson, M.; Savarirayan, R.
1998Health status of hormone replacement therapy users and non-users as determined by the SF-36 quality-of-life dimensionWilson, D.; Taylor, A.; MacLennan, A.
2003Using matK sequence data to unravel the phylogeny of CasuarinaceaeSteane, D.; Wilson, K.; Hill, R.
2004Liquid-based cytology in cervical screening: an updated rapid and systematic review and economic analysis.Karnon, J.; Peters, J.; Chilcott, J.; McGoogan, E.; Brewer, N.
2004A new solution for an old problem? Effects of a nurse-led, multidisciplinary, home-based intervention on readmission and mortality inpatients with chronic atrial fibrillationInglis, S.; McLennan, S.; Dawson, A.; Birchmore, L.; Horowitz, J.; Wilkinson, D.; Stewart, S.
2003Craniopharyngioma: a review of long-term visual outcomeChen, C.; Okera, S.; Davies, P.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Crompton, J.