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2008Smoke-derived taint in wine: The release of smoke-derived volatile phenols during fermentation of Merlot juice following grapevine exposure to smokeKennison, K.; Gibberd, M.; Pollnitz, A.; Wilkinson, K.
2010Arthropod molecular divergence times and the Cambrian origin of pentastomidsSanders, K.; Lee, M.
2012Optical CT scanner for in-air readout of gels for external radiation beam 3D dosimetryRamm, D.; Rutten, T.; Shepherd, J.; Bezak, E.
2011Aesthetic Autonomy and Praxis: art and language in Adorno and HabermasMcMahon, J.
2010Sodium chloride in Australian grape juice and its effect on alcoholic and malolactic fermentationDonkin, R.; Robinson, S.; Sumby, K.; Harris, V.; McBryde, C.; Jiranek, V.
2010γZ corrections to forward-angle parity-violating ep scatteringSibirtsev, A.; Blunden, P.; Melnitchouk, W.; Thomas, A.
2011Critical Aesthetic RealismMcMahon, J.
2012Impact of home versus clinic-based management of chronic heart failure: the WHICH? (Which heart failure intervention is most cost-effective & consumer friendly in reducing hospital care) multicenter, randomized trialStewart, S.; Carrington, M.; Marwick, T.; Davidson, P.; Macdonald, P.; Horowitz, J.; Krum, H.; Newton, P.; Reid, C.; Chan, Y.; Scuffham, P.
2011Gamma-irradiated influenza virus uniquely induces IFN-I mediated lymphocyte activation independent of the TLR7/MyD88 pathwayFuruya, Y.; Chan, J.; Wan, E.; Koskinen, A.; Diener, K.; Hayball, J.; Regner, M.; Mullbacher, A.; Alsharifi, M.
2009Genetic and gene expression analyses of the polycystic ovary syndrome candidate gene fibrillin-3 and other fibrillin family members in human ovariesProdoehl, M.; Hatzirodos, N.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Zhao, Z.; Painter, J.; Hickey, T.; Gibson, M.; Rainey, W.; Carr, B.; Mason, H.; Norman, R.; Montgomery, G.; Rodgers, R.