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2002Healing of wounds created in the nasal mucosa following endoscopic sinus surgery can be affected by different nasal packing materialsCowin, A.; McIntosh, D.; Wormald, P.
2001Influence of jet exit conditions on the passive scaler field of an axisymmetric free jetMi, J.; Nobes, D.; Nathan, G.
2001Reforming of CH4 by partial oxidation: thermodynamic and kinetic analysesZhu, J.; Zhang, D.; King, K.
2001Reactions of nickelocene with an Ru₅ cluster: crystal structures of two nickel-ruthenium clusters containing C₂ ligandsAdams, C.; Bruce, M.; Halet, J.; Kahlal, S.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2001Enhancing functional and irregular parallelism: stateful functions and their semanticsAttali, I.; Caromel, D.; Chen, Y.; Gaudiot, J.; Wendelborn, A.
2001Support vector learning with quadratic programming and adaptive step size barrier-projectionTo, K.; Lim, C.; Teo, K.; Liebelt, M.
2001A fiber-optic-based calibration system for the High Resolution Fly's Eye cosmic ray observatoryGirard, J.; Wiencke, L.; Archbold, G.; Bellido Caceres, J.; Belov, K.; Boyer, J.; Everett, A.; Gray, R.; Jui, C.; Knapp, B.; Mannel, E.; Matthews, J.; Moore, S.; Mumford, J.; Roberts, M.; Shen, P.; Sokolsky, P.; Springer, R.; Thomas, S.
2001Comparison between FRP and steel plating of reinforced concrete beamsMohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; Oehlers, D.; Park, S.
2001A convenient method for the aromatic amino-Claisen rearrangement of N(1,1-disubstituted-allyl)anilinesCooper, M.; Lucas, M.; Seater, J.; Ward, A.; Williamson, N.
2001Investigation of the effect of the precessing jet nozzle in the combustion of pulverised coalMegalos, N.; Smith, N.; Zhang, D.