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2011An M-ary detection approach for asset allocationElliott, R.; Siu, T.
2001Efficacy of once-daily tobramycin monotherapy for acute pulmonary exacerbations of cystic fibrosis: A preliminary studyMaster, V.; Roberts, G.; Coulthard, K.; Baghurst, P.; Martin, A.; Roberts, M.; Onishko, C.; Martin, A.; Linke, R.; Holmes, M.; Jarvinen, A.; Kennedy, J.; Colebatch, K.; Hansman, D.; Parsons, D.
2002Age- and hypertension-induced changes in abnormal contractions in rat aortaAbeywardena, M.; Jablonskis, L.; Head, R.
2000Novel murine myeloid cell lines that exhibit a differentiation switch in response to IL-3 or GM-CSF, or to different constitutively active mutants of the GM-CSF receptor b subunitMcCormack, M.; Gonda, T.
2013Bipolar electrogram Shannon entropy at sites of rotational activation: implications for ablation of atrial fibrillationGanesan, A.; Kuklik, P.; Lau, D.; Brooks, A.; Baumert, M.; Lim, W.; Thanigaimani, S.; Nayyar, S.; Mahajan, N.; Kalman, J.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Sanders, P.
1998Establishment of a reproducible model of chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia in NOD/SCID mice using blood-derived mononuclear or CD34+ cellsLewis, I.; McDiarmid, L.; Samels, L.; To, L.; Hughes, T.
2013A new risk analysis of Clean-In-Place milk processingDavey, K.; Chandrakash, S.; O'Neill, B.
2011The wine drinking behaviour of young adults: An exploratory study in ChinaLi, J.; Jia, J.; Taylor, D.; Bruwer, J.; Li, C.
2016BMPR2 gene delivery reduces mutation-related PAH and counteracts TGF-β-mediated pulmonary cell signallingFeng, F.; Harper, R.; Reynolds, P.
2018Phenomenology of the generalised scotogenic model with fermionic dark matterHagedorn, C.; Herrero-García, J.; Molinaro, E.; Schmidt, M.