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2010The negotiation of the problem statement in cognitive behavioural therapyBeckwith, A.; Crichton, J.
2013A review of central retinal artery occlusion: clinical presentation and managementVarma, D.; Cugati, S.; Lee, A.; Chen, C.
2000The construction of Aboriginal identity in people separated from their families, communities and culture: pieces of a jigsawClark, Y.
2000Implant retrieval studies of the wear and loosening of prosthetic joints: a reviewMc Gee, M.; Howie, D.; Tsirgiotis, K.; Haynes, D.; Wildenauer, C.; Pearcy, M.; McLean, J.
2015HCFC1 loss-of-function mutations disrupt neuronal and neural progenitor cells of the developing brain.Jolly, L.; Nguyen, L.; Domingo, D.; Sun, Y.; Barry, S.; Hancarova, M.; Plevova, P.; Vlckova, M.; Havlovicova, M.; Kalscheuer, V.; Graziano, C.; Pippucci, T.; Bonora, E.; Sedlacek, Z.; Gecz, J.
2018Truncating variants in NAA15 are associated with variable levels of intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, and congenital anomaliesCheng, H.; Dharmadhikari, A.; Varland, S.; Ma, N.; Domingo, D.; Kleyner, R.; Rope, A.; Yoon, M.; Stray-Pedersen, A.; Posey, J.; Crews, S.; Eldomery, M.; Akdemir, Z.; Lewis, A.; Sutton, V.; Rosenfeld, J.; Conboy, E.; Agre, K.; Xia, F.; Walkiewicz, M.; et al.
2017USP9X deubiquitylating enzyme maintains RAPTOR protein levels, mTORC1 signalling and proliferation in neural progenitorsBridges, C.; Tan, M.; Premarathne, S.; Nanayakkara, D.; Bellette, B.; Zencak, D.; Domingo, D.; Gecz, J.; Murtaza, M.; Jolly, L.; Wood, S.
2019Which frailty scale for patients admitted via Emergency Department? A cohort studyLewis, E.T.; Dent, E.; Alkhouri, H.; Kellett, J.; Williamson, M.; Asha, S.; Holdgate, A.; Mackenzie, J.; Winoto, L.; Fajardo-Pulido, D.; Ticehurst, M.; Hillman, K.; McCarthy, S.; Elcombe, E.; Rogers, K.; Cardona, M.
2018Socioeconomic inequalities in frailty among older adults in six low- and middle-income countries: results from the WHO Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE)Hoogendijk, E.O.; Rijnhart, J.J.; Kowal, P.; Perez-Zepeda, M.U.; Cesari, M.; Abizanda, P.; Flores Ruano, T.; Schop-Etman, A.; Huisman, M.; Dent, E.
2019New insights into the anorexia of ageing: from prevention to treatmentDent, E.; Hoogendijk, E.O.; Wright, O.R.