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2017Corporate social responsibility in resource companies – opportunities for developing positive benefits and lasting legaciesFordham, A.; Robinson, G.; Blackwell, B.
2016Early rapid neurological assessment for acute spinal cord injury trialsBattistuzzo, C.; Smith, K.; Skeers, P.; Armstrong, A.; Clark, J.; Agostinello, J.; Cox, S.; Bernard, S.; Freeman, B.; Dunlop, S.; Batchelor, P.
2015Embedding an institution-wide capacity building opportunity around transition pedagogy: First Year Teaching and Learning Network CoordinatorsClark, J.; Gurney, L.; Lawrence, S.; Leece, R.; Malouff, J.; Masters, Y.; Reid, J.; Tasker, I.; Valenzuela, F.; Wilkes, J.
2012Seed dormancy and seedling recruitment in smooth barley (hordeum murinum ssp.glaucum) populations in Southern AustraliaFleet, B.; Gill, G.
2018Folate modulates guanine-quadruplex frequency and DNA damage in Werner syndromeTavakoli Shirazi, P.; Leifert, W.; Fenech, M.; François, M.
2015A new extant family of primitive moths from Kangaroo Island, Australia, and its significance for understanding early Lepidoptera evolutionKristensen, N.; Hilton, D.; Kallies, A.; Milla, L.; Rota, J.; Wahlberg, N.; Wilcox, S.; Glatz, R.; Young, D.; Cocking, G.; Edwards, T.; Gibbs, G.; Halsey, M.
2017Risk factor management and atrial fibrillation clinics: saving the best for last?Mahajan, R.; Pathak, R.; Thiyagarajah, A.; Lau, D.; Marchlinski, F.; Dixit, S.; Day, J.; Hendriks, J.; Carrington, M.; Kalman, J.; Sanders, P.
2016A quantitative review and meta-models of the variability and factors affecting oral drug absorption-Part I: gastrointestinal pHAbuhelwa, A.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.
2015Taking the lead in science education reform in NSW, 1957-1964: Wyndham, Messel, Robson and Menzies’Clark, J.
2016Recovery, repositioning, and revision: new writing on Transatlantic literatureClark, J.