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2006XPS and bioactivity study of the bisphosphonate pamidronate adsorbed onto plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatingsMcLeod, K.; Kumar, S.; Smart, R.; Dutta, N.; Voelcker, N.; Anderson, G.; Sekel, R.
2002Health needs of clients as reported by medical practitioners from two districts of SindhMahmood, M.; Kadir, M.; Afsar, H.; Barney, N.
2020How to choose your research organismDietrich, M.; Ankeny, R.A.; Crowe, N.; Green, S.; Leonelli, S.
2017Spatial and activity preferences during heat stress conditions in Adelaide: towards increased adaptation capacity of the built environmentSharifi, E.; Sivam, A.; Boland, J.
2012Improved efficiency of doubled haploid generation in hexaploid triticale by in vitro chromosome doublingWurschum, T.; Tucker, M.; Reif, J.; Maurer, H.
2017Daily variation of urban heat island effect and its correlations to urban greenery: a case study of AdelaideSoltani, A.; Sharifi, E.
2019Stathmin levels alter PTPN14 expression and impact neuroblastoma cell migrationPo uha, S.; Le Grand, M.; Brandl, M.; Gifford, A.; Goodall, G.; Khew-Goodall, Y.; Kavallaris, M.
2007Connecting the paths in plant stem cell regulationTucker, M.; Laux, T.
1979Measurements of the radiation impedance presented to a source in a reverberant room containing a rotating diffuserBies, D.A.; Hansen, C.H.
2016Survival of Phoma koolunga, a causal agent of ascochyta blight, on field pea stubble or as pseudosclerotia in soilKhani, M.; Davidson, J.; Sosnowski, M.; Scott, E.