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1999Effects of video information on pre-colonoscopy anxiety and knowledge: a randomised trialLuck, A.; Pearson, S.; Maddern, G.; Hewett, P.
1999Splenic infarction complicating ligation of a gastroduodenal artery aneurysmSchweizer, W.; Gries, N.; Maddern, G.; Triller, J.
1997Intrahepatic hematoma following needle biopsy of liver graft: incidence and managementBardaxoglou, E.; Meunier, B.; Maddern, G.; Landen, S.; Spiliopoulos, G.; Russo, L.; Campion, J.; Messner, M.; Launois, B.
1999Bronchial anatomy and single-lung ventilation in the pigMouton, W.; Pfitzner, J.; Bessell, J.; Maddern, G.
1999A randomized controlled trial assessing the benefit of humidified insufflation gas during laparoscopic surgeryMouton, W.; Bessell, J.; Millard, S.; Baxter, P.; Maddern, G.
1999Peripheral cholangiocarcinoma: presentation, diagnosis, pathology and managementEl Rassi, Z.; Partensky, C.; Scoazec, J.; Henry, L.; Lombard-Bohas, C.; Maddern, G.
1998The provision of general surgical services in rural South Australia: a new model for rural surgeryBruening, M.; Maddern, G.
1998Looking back to the advent of modern endoscopy. The 150th birthday of Maximilian NitzeMouton, W.; Bessell, J.; Maddern, G.
1999Humidified gas prevents hypothermia induced by laparoscopic insufflation. A randomized controlled study in a pig modelBessell, J.; Ludbrook, G.; Millard, S.; Baxter, P.; Ubhi, S.; Maddern, G.
1996Mechanical basis of gastrointestinal intussusceptionMouton, W.; Dennison, A.; Maddern, G.