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2018Exercise and atrial fibrillation: prevention or causation?Elliott, A.D.; Linz, D.; Verdicchio, C.V.; Sanders, P.
2018Diagnostic accuracy of overnight oximetry for the diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing in atrial fibrillation patientsLinz, D.; Kadhim, K.; Brooks, A.; Elliott, A.; Hendriks, J.; Lau, D.; Mahajan, R.; Gupta, A.; Middeldorp, M.; Hohl, M.; Nalliah, C.; Kalman, J.; McEvoy, R.; Baumert, M.; Sanders, P.
2018Assessment and interpretation of sleep disordered breathing severity in cardiology: clinical implications and perspectivesLinz, D.; Baumert, M.; Catcheside, P.; Floras, J.; Sanders, P.; Lévy, P.; Cowie, M.; Doug McEvoy, R.
2018PREVEntion and regReSsive effect of weight-loss and risk factor modification on Atrial Fibrillation: the REVERSE-AF studyMiddeldorp, M.; Pathak, R.; Meredith, M.; Mehta, A.; Elliott, A.; Mahajan, R.; Twomey, D.; Gallagher, C.; Hendriks, J.; Linz, D.; McEvoy, R.; Abhayaratna, W.; Kalman, J.; Lau, D.; Sanders, P.
2017Concomitant obesity and metabolic syndrome add to the atrial arrhythmogenic phenotype in male hypertensive ratsHohl, M.; Lau, D.; Müller, A.; Elliott, A.; Linz, B.; Mahajan, R.; Hendriks, J.; Böhm, M.; Schotten, U.; Sanders, P.; Linz, D.
2018Nightly variation in sleep apnea severity as atrial fibrillation riskLinz, D.; Brooks, A.; Elliott, A.; Kalman, J.; McEvoy, R.; Lau, D.; Sanders, P.
2017Device therapy for rate control: pacing, resynchronisation and AV node ablationLau, D.; Thiyagarajah, A.; Willems, S.; Rostock, T.; Linz, D.; Stiles, M.; Kaye, D.; Kalman, J.; Sanders, P.
2017Biomarkers and new-onset atrial fibrillation to assess atrial cardiomyopathyLinz, D.; Elliott, A.; Marwick, T.; Sanders, P.
2017Upstream targets to treat atrial fibrillationSanders, P.; Elliott, A.; Linz, D.
2018Associations of obstructive sleep apnea with atrial fibrillation and continuous positive airway pressure treatment: a reviewLinz, D.; McEvoy, R.; Cowie, M.; Somers, V.; Nattel, S.; Lévy, P.; Kalman, J.; Sanders, P.