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2007Fatal outcome from inappropriate defibrillationDimitri, H.; John, B.; Young, G.; Sanders, P.
2010Cardiorespiratory phase-coupling is reduced in patients with obstructive sleep apneaKabir, M.; Dimitri, H.; Sanders, P.; Antic, R.; Nalivaiko, E.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M.
2012Atrial remodeling in obstructive sleep apnea: implications for atrial fibrillationDimitri, H.; Ng, M.; Brooks, A.; Kuklik, P.; Stiles, M.; Lau, D.; Antic, N.; Thornton, A.; Saint, D.; McEvoy, R.; Antic, R.; Kalman, J.; Sanders, P.
2011Quantification of cardio-respiratory interactions in patients with mild obstructive sleep apnea syndrome using joint symbolic dynamicsKabir, M.; Dimitri, H.; Sanders, P.; Antic, R.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M.; Computing in Cardiology (2011 : Hangzhou, China)
2012Joint symbolic dynamics as an effective approach for quantification of cardio-respiratory interaction in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndromeKabir, M.; Dimitri, H.; Sanders, P.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M.; International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (7th : 2012 : Dhaka, Bangladesh)
2012Real-time CartoSound imaging of the esophagus: a comparison to computed tomographyWilson, L.; Brooks, A.; Lau, D.; Dimitri, H.; Sharma, G.; Lim, H.; Alasady, M.; Young, G.; Sanders, P.
2010Feasibility of high-density electrophysiological study using multiple-electrode array in isolated small animal atriaLau, D.; Mackenzie, L.; Shipp, N.; Kuklik, P.; Dimitri, H.; Lobb, B.; Alasady, M.; Lim, H.; Kelly, D.; Brooks, A.; Saint, D.; Sanders, P.
2007Atrial mechanical function: implications for catheter ablation of atrial fibrillationDimitri, H.; Sanders, P.
2016Simultaneous conduction mapping and intracellular membrane potential recording in isolated atriaNeo, M.; Morris, D.; Kuklik, P.; Lau, D.; Dimitri, H.; Lim, W.; Sanders, P.; Saint, D.
2009Clinical Validation and Comparison of Alternative Methods for Evaluation of Entrainment MappingDerejko, P.; Szumowski, L.; Sanders, P.; Dimitri, H.; Kuklik, P.; Przybylski, A.; Urbanek, P.; Szufladowicz, E.; Bodalski, R.; Sacher, F.; Haissaguerre, M.; Walczak, F.