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2016Gas to liquids: natural gas conversion to aromatic fuels and chemicals in a hydrogen-permeable ceramic hollow fiber membrane reactorXue, J.; Chen, Y.; Wei, Y.; Feldhoff, A.; Wang, H.; Caro, J.
2013A CO₂-stable K₂NiF₄-type oxide (Nd ₀.₉La₀.₁)₂(Ni₀.₇₄Cu 0.₂₁Al₀.₀₅)O₄+δ for oxygen separationChen, Y.; Liao, Q.; Wei, Y.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2015Enhanced stability of Zr-doped Ba(CeTb)O₃−δ-Ni cermet membrane for hydrogen separationWei, Y.; Xue, J.; Fang, W.; Chen, Y.; Wang, H.; Caro, J.
2015A CO₂-stable hollow-fiber membrane with high hydrogen permeation fluxChen, Y.; Liao, Q.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.; Wei, Y.; Feldhoff, A.; Caro, J.
2013CO₂-tolerant alkaline-earth metal-free single phase membrane for oxygen separationZheng, Q.; Xue, J.; Liao, Q.; Wei, Y.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2013Dense ceramic oxygen permeable membranes and catalytic membrane reactorsWei, Y.; Yang, W.; Caro, J.; Wang, H.
2012A novel U-shaped anode-supported hollow fiber solid oxide fuel cell with considerable thermal cycling performance and stabilityPeng, S.; Zhou, D.; Wei, Y.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2012Oxygen separation through U-shaped hollow fiber membrane using pure CO₂ as sweep gasWei, Y.; Tang, J.; Zhou, L.; Xue, J.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2013Oxy-fuel combustion for CO₂ capture using a CO₂-tolerant oxygen transporting membraneWei, Y.; Wang, Y.; Tang, J.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2012Oxygen permeation through a CO₂-tolerant mixed conducting oxide (Pr₀.₉La₀.₁)₂(Ni₀.₇₄Cu₀.₂₁Ga₀.₀₅)O₄₊δTang, J.; Wei, Y.; Zhou, L.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.