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2005Studies on the nano-structures of wheat starch granules using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.Liu, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Wang, H.; Cao, S.; An, H.; Guo, Y.; Liu, Y.; Lu, K.; Hu, J.
2005Decomposition and phase transition of NiS/Ni1-xS in the temperature range 323-973 KWang, H.
2005Thermal expansion of troilite and pyrrhotite determined by in situ cooling (873 to 373 K) neutron powder diffraction measurementsTenailleau, C.; Etschmann, B.; Wang, H.; Pring, A.; Grguric, B.; Studer, A.
2005Parents' satisfaction with preventive dental care for young children provided by nondental primary care providersRozier, R.; Slade, G.; Zeldin, L.; Wang, H.
2005Sentinel node biopsy for early-stage melanoma - Accuracy and morbidity in MSLT-I, an international multicenter trialMorton, D.; Cochran, A.; Thompson, J.; Elashoff, R.; Essner, R.; Glass, E.; Mozzillo, N.; Nieweg, O.; Roses, D.; Hoekstra, H.; Karakousis, C.; Reintgen, D.; Coventry, B.; Wang, H.
2005A low-temperature kinetic study of the exsolution of pentlandite from the monosulfide solid solution using a refined Avrami methodWang, H.; Pring, A.; Ngothai, Y.; O'Neill, B.
2005Phase evolution and kinetics of the oxidation of monosulfide solid solution under isothermal conditionsWang, H.; Pring, A.; Xie, Y.; Ngothai, Y.; O'Neill, B.
2005Loss of complement activation and leukocyte adherence as Nippostrongylus brasiliensis develops within the murine hostGiacomin, P.; Wang, H.; Gordon, D.; Botto, M.; Dent, L.
2005X-ray diffraction study of the transition kinetics of α- to β-nickel monosulfideWang, H.; Pring, A.; Ngothai, Y.; O'Neill, B.; Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference (33rd : 2005 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2005A mineralogical kinetics note: Negative activation energy or misinterpretation of Avrami method?Wang, H.; Ngothai, Y.; O'Neill, B.; Pring, A.; World Congress of Chemical Engineering (7th : 10 July 2005 : Glascow)