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2005Mapping the Future: Spatial Models of Decadal-Scale Landscape Change in Northern AustraliaBrook, B.; Bowman, D.; Bradshaw, C.; Zerger, A.; Argent, R.M.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (16th : 2005 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2005Not To Be Toyed With: Drugs Addiction, Bullying and Self Empowerment in Buffy The Vampire SlayerCover, R.
2005Anticipatory nausea and vomitingAapro, M.; Molassiotis, A.; Olver, I.
2005The right to learn - Women want more agricultural adviceParis, T.; Nabi, S.; Salahuddin, A.; Magor, N.; Van Mele, P.; Salahuddin, A.; Magor, N.
2005Effects of iron and manganese plaques on arsenic uptake by rice seedlings (Oryza sativa L.) grown in solution culture supplied with arsenate and arseniteLiu, W.; Zhu, Y.; Smith, F.
2005Africa lost in transitCao, B.; Africa camina: Congrés Internacional d'Estudis Africans - IV Congrés d'Estudis Africans al Mon Iberic (2004 : Barcelona)
2005Tracking and segmenting people with occlusions by a sample consensus based methodWang, H.; Suter, D.; IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (2005 : Genoa, Italy)
2005Sinus node region as an ultimate source driving chronic atrial fibrillationTakahashi, Y.; Sanders, P.; Rotter, M.; Rostock, T.; Haissaguerre, M.
2005Social anxiety disorder: why primary health care providers need to recognise and treat social anxiety disorderPotts, Nicholas Leo Stewart
2005The Right that failed? The ambiguities of conservative thought and the dilemmas of conservative practice in international affairsHall, Christopher Ian; Rengger, Nicholas