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2006Psychiatric disorder and separation from military service: a 10-year retrospective studyCreamer, M.; Carboon, I.; Forbes, A.; McKenzie, D.; McFarlane, A.; Kelsall, H.; Sim, M.
2006Insights from Australian parents into educational experiences in the early postnatal periodMcKellar, L.; Pincombe, J.; Henderson, A.
2006Newborn screening for 3-methylcrontonyl-CoA carboxylase deficiency: population heterogeneity of MCCA and MCCB mutations and impact on risk assessmentStadler, S.; Polanetz, R.; Maier, E.; Heidenreich, S.; Niederer, B.; Mayerhofer, P.; Lagler, F.; Koch, H.; Santer, R.; Fletcher, J.; Ranieri, E.; Das, A.; Spiekerkotter, U.; Schwab, K.; Potzsch, S.; Marquardt, I.; Hennermann, J.; Knerr, I.; Mercimek-Mahmutoglu, S.; Kohlschmidt, N.; et al.
2006[Nle4-D-Phe7]-alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone Significantly Increased Pigmentation and Decreased UV Damage in Fair-Skinned Caucasian VolunteersBarnetson, Ross StC.; Ooi, Terry K. T.; Zhuang, Liqing; Halliday, Gary M.; Reid, Catherine; Walker, Patrick Campbell; Humphrey, Stuart M.; Kleinig, Michael J.
2006Greg Geraghty : union streetSpeck, Catherine Margaret
2006Seed bank and seed bank reduction of Orobanche ramosa in South AustraliaMatthews, J.; Miegel, D.; Hayton, I.; Australian Weeds Conference (22 Sep 2006 : Adelaide)
2006A new geomechanical tool for the evaluation of hydrocarbon trap integrityHunt, S.; Camac, B.; Boult, P.; US Rock Mechanics Symposium (17 Jun 2006 : Golden, Colorado, USA)
2006Developing higher degrees in context and culture of globalizationLarkin, A.
2006Meshfree modelling of elastic rock material using a generalized formulationSkatulla, S.; Sansour, C.; Hunt, S.; US Rock Mechanics Symposium (17 Jun 2006 : Golden, Colorado, USA)
2006Conceptualising the entrepreneurial process in Confucian societies - A paradoxical perspectiveSeet, P.; Hampden-Turner, C.; Seet, L.; ISERE 2006 (2006 : China)