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2008Study on stiffness of a mudstone in multiple-step loading triaxial compression testTaheri, A.; Tani, K.; 43rd Japan Geotechnical Society Conference (JGS) (9 Jul 2008 - 12 Jul 2008 : Hiroshima, Japan)
2008Identification of ANKRD11 as a p53 coactivatorNeilsen, P.; Cheney, K.; Li, C.; Chen, D.; Noll, J.; Schulz, R.; Powell, J.; Kumar, R.; Callen, D.
2008混合还是复苏:以色列语的起源——多来源,形式和模式Zuckermann, G.
2008Characterization of a mudstone in a deep underground cavern - comparison of full-scale behaviour and field and laboratory testsTaheri, A.; Tani, K.; Huang, A.; Mayne, P.W.; 3rd International Site Characterization Conference (ISC'3) (1 Apr 2008 - 4 Apr 2008 : Taipei. Taiwan)
2008Full waveform inversion of high-resolution seismic data - a quest for maximizing subsurface informationMaurer, H.; Greenhalgh, S.; European Geosciences Union General Assembly (2008 : Vienna, Austria)
2008Optimized design of frequency-domain acoustic waveform tomography experimentsMaurer, H.; Greenhalgh, S.; SEG Las Vegas 2008 Annual Meeting (78th : 2008 : Las Vegas)
2008WomanNaffine, N.
2008Modeling and generating complex motion blur for real-time trackingMei, C.; Reid, I.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (21st : 2008 : Anchorage, AK)
2008A laboratory steckel mill simulationHinton, J.; Beynon, J.
2008Benchmarking clinical learning in speech pathology to support assessment, discipline standards, teaching innovation and student learningMcAllister, Sue Margery; Lincoln, Michelle; Ferguson, Alison; McAllister, Lindy