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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Defining moments in medicine - surgeryMaddern, J.; Maddern, G.
2008Rapid reviews versus full systematic reviews: An inventory of current methods and practice in health technology assessmentWatt, A.; Cameron, A.; Sturm, L.; Lathlean, T.; Babidge, W.; Blamey, S.; Facey, K.; Hailey, D.; Norderhaug, I.; Maddern, G.
2007Bioengineered skin substitutes for the management of burns: a systematic reviewPham, C.; Greenwood, J.; Cleland, H.; Woodruff, P.; Maddern, G.
2000A new treatment for unresectable liver tumours: long-term studies of electrolytic lesions in the pig liverWemyss-Holden, S.; Robertson, G.; Dennison, A.; Vanderzon, P.; de la M Hall, P.; Maddern, G.
2007National breast cancer audit: ductal carcinoma in situ management in Australia and New ZealandCuncins-Hearn, A.; Boult, M.; Babidge, W.; Zorbas, H.; Villanueva, E.; Evans, A.; Oliver, D.; Kollias, J.; Reeve, T.; Maddern, G.
2007Evaluation of an intervention incident aimed at improving voluntary incident reporting in hospitalsEvans, S.; Smith, B.; Esterman, A.; Runciman, W.; Maddern, G.; Stead, K.; Selim, P.; O'Shaughnessy, J.; Muecke, S.; Jones, S.
2007Bimodal electric tissue ablation (BETA) - in-vivo evaluation of the effect of applying direct current before and during radiofrequency ablation of porcine liverCockburn, J.; Maddern, G.; Wemyss-Holden, S.
2007Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty for the treatment of unicompartmental osteoarthritis: A systematic studyGriffin, T.; Rowden, N.; Morgan, D.; Atkinson, R.; Woodruff, P.; Maddern, G.
2007The safety and efficacy of radiofrequency and electrolytic ablation created adjacent to large hepatic veins in a porcine modelMetcalfe, M.; Mullin, E.; Texler, M.; Berry, D.; Dennison, A.; Maddern, G.
2007Clinical audits: Why and for whomBoult, M.; Maddern, G.