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2003Facilitation of open spigelian hernia repair by laparoscopic location of the hernial defectIswariah, H.; Metcalfe, M.; Morrison, C.; Maddern, G.
2003Unusual case of Morgagni hernia associated with malrotationCourt, F.; Wemyss-Holden, S.; Fitridge, R.; Maddern, G.
2003Successful management of iatrogenic bile duct injury by laparoscopic ligationMorrison, C.; Wemyss-Holden, S.; Maddern, G.
2003Preadmission helps patients, budgets and surgeonsMaddern, G.
2003Palliation of pancreatic cancer using electrolytic ablationWemyss-Holden, S.; Court, F.; Morrison, C.; Teague, B.; Burrell, A.; Morales, D.; Rodgers, N.; Anthony, A.; Metcalfe, M.; Dennison, A.; Maddern, G.
2003Systematic review of the safety and effectiveness of methods used to establish pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic surgeryMerlin, T.; Hiller, J.; Maddern, G.; Jamieson, G.; Brown, A.; Kolbe, A.
2003Endoscopic modified Lothrop procedure for the treatment of chronic frontal sinusitis: a systematic reviewScott, N.; Wormald, P.; Close, D.; Gallagher, R.; Anthony, A.; Maddern, G.
2003Experimental studies of serum cytokine concentration following pancreatic electrolytic ablationMorrison, C.; Teague, B.; Court, F.; Wemyss-Holden, S.; Metcalfe, M.; Dennison, A.; Maddern, G.
2003Segmental nature of the porcine liver and its potential as a model for experimental partial hepatectomyCourt, F.; Wemyss-Holden, S.; Morrison, C.; Teague, B.; Laws, P.; Kew, J.; Dennison, A.; Maddern, G.
2003Cognitive performance in patients after carotid endarterectomyPearson, S.; Maddern, G.; Fitridge, R.