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2008Isotopic exchangeability, hydrolysis and mobilization reactions of pyrophosphate in soilMcBeath, T.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.; Buenemann, E.
2008The effect of chelating agents on the foliar sorption of zinc fertilizersStacey, S.; Oosterhuis, D.; McLaughlin, M.
2008Evidence for different reaction pathways for liquid and granular micronutrients in a calcareous soilHettiarachchi, G.; McLaughlin, M.; Scheckel, K.; Chittleborough, D.; Newville, M.; Sutton, S.; Lombi, E.
2008Application of nontraditional stable-isotope systems to the study of sources and fate of metals in the environmentWeiss, D.; Rehkamper, M.; Schoenberg, R.; McLaughlin, M.; Kirby, J.; Campbell, P.; Arnold, T.; Chapman, J.; Peel, K.; Gioia, S.
2008Models for the field-based toxicity of copper and zinc salts to wheat in 11 Australian soils and comparison to laboratory-based modelsWarne, M.; Heemsbergen, D.; McLaughlin, M.; Bell, M.; Broos, K.; Whatmuff, M.; Barry, G.; Nash, D.; Pritchard, D.; Penney, N.
2008Nanomaterials in the environment: behavior, fate, bioavailability, and effectsKlaine, S.; Alvarez, P.; Batley, G.; Fernandes, T.; Handy, R.; Lyon, D.; Mahendra, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Lead, J.
2008Root uptake of lipophilic zinc-rhamnolipid complexesStacey, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Cakmak, I.; Hettiarachchi, G.; Scheckel, K.; Karkkainen, M.
2008Modeling the toxicity of copper and zinc salts to wheat in 14 soilsWarne, M.; Heemsbergen, D.; Stevens, D.; McLaughlin, M.; Cozens, G.; Whatmuff, M.; Broos, K.; Barry, G.; Bell, M.; Nash, D.; Pritchard, D.; Penney, N.
2008A novel technique to determine cobalt exchangeability in soils using isotope dilutionWendling, L.; Kirby, J.; McLaughlin, M.
2008Chelating Agent for Micronutrient FertilisersMcLaughlin, M.; Stacey, S.; Lombi, E.; ARI Pty Ltd & CSIRO