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2005Mobility, solubility and lability of fluid and granular forms of P fertiliser in calcareous and non-calcareous soils under laboratory conditionsLombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.; Johnston, C.; Armstrong, R.; Holloway, R.
2005An inter-laboratory study to test the ability of amendments to reduce the availability of Cd, Pb, and Zn in situBrown, S.; Christensen, B.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.; McGrath, S.; Colpaert, J.; Vangronsveld, J.
2005Effect of toxic cations on copper rhizotoxicity in wheat seedlingsFortunati, P.; Lombi, E.; Hamon, R.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2005Prediction of zinc, cadmium, lead, and copper availability to wheat in contaminated soils using chemical speciation, diffusive gradients in thin films, extraction, and isotopic dilution techniquesNolan, A.; Zhang, H.; McLaughlin, M.
2005Temporal trends of total and potentially available element concentrations in sewage biosolids: a comparison of biosolid surveys conducted 18 years apartOliver, I.; McLaughlin, M.; Merrington, G.
2005Copper availability in seven Israeli soils incubated with and without biosolidsOliver, I.; Hass, A.; Merrington, G.; Fine, P.; McLaughlin, M.
2005Responsiveness of wheat (Triticum aestivum) to liquid and granular phosphorus fertilisers in southern Australian soilsMcBeath, T.; Armstrong, R.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.; Holloway, R.
2005Rethinking urban water systems - revisiting concepts in urban wastewater collection and treatment to ensure infrastructure sustainabilityTjandraatmadja, G.; Burn, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Biswas, T.
2005The Hunter-McAlpine syndrome results from duplication 5q35-qterHunter, A.; DuPont, B.; McLaughlin, M.; Hinton, L.; Baker, E.; Ades, L.; Haan, E.; Schwartz, C.
2005Reactions of phosphate fertilizers and by-products in soilsHedley, M.; McLaughlin, M.