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2018New ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar ages from the Kalatag district in the Eastern Tianshan, NW China: constraints on the timing of Cu mineralization and stratigraphyDeng, X.; Wang, J.; Santosh, M.; Li, Y.; Wang, Y.; Mao, Q.; Long, L.; Chen, X.
2013Geochronology and geochemistry of basalts from the Karamay ophiolitic mélange in West Junggar (NW China): implications for devonian- carboniferous intra-oceanic accretionary tectonics of the southern altaidsYang, G.; Li, Y.; Santosh, M.; Yang, B.; Zhang, B.; Tong, L.
2013Zircon U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry of two episodes of granitoids from the northwestern Zhejiang Province, SE China: implication for magmatic evolution and tectonic transitionLi, Z.; Zhou, J.; Mao, J.; Santosh, M.; Yu, M.; Li, Y.; Hu, Y.; Langmuir, C.; Chen, Z.; Cai, X.; Hu, Y.
2015Zircon geochronology, geochemistry and stable isotopes of the Wang'ershan gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, ChinaLi, Y.; Li, S.; Santosh, M.; Liu, S.; Zhang, L.; Li, W.; Song, Y.; Wang, B.
2016Magma mixing in the Kalaqin core complex, northern North China Craton: linking deep lithospheric destruction and shallow extensionFu, L.; Wei, J.; Tan, J.; Santosh, M.; Zhang, D.; Chen, J.; Li, Y.; Zhao, S.; Peng, L.
2016Geochronology and petrogenesis of Middle Permian S-type granitoid in southeastern Guangxi Province, South China: implications for closure of the eastern Paleo-TethysLi, Y.; Wei, J.; Santosh, M.; Tan, J.; Fu, L.; Zhao, S.
2017Isotope geochemistry and geochronology of the Niujuan silver deposit, northern North China Craton: implications for magmatism and metallogeny in an extensional tectonic settingLi, Y.; Li, S.; Santosh, M.; Mo, X.; Gao, K.; Ma, Y.
2015Alkaline basalts in the Karamay ophiolitic mélange, NW China: a geological, geochemical and geochronological study and implications for geodynamic settingYang, G.; Li, Y.; Santosh, M.; Xiao, W.; Yang, B.; Tong, L.; Zhang, S.
2013Photoelectrons from minerals and microbial world: A perspective on life evolution in the early EarthLu, A.; Li, Y.; Wang, X.; Ding, H.; Zeng, C.; Yang, X.; Hao, R.; Wang, C.; Santosh, M.
2012Hf isotopic characteristics of the Tarim Permian large igneous province rocks of NW China: implication for the magmatic source and evolutionLi, Z.; Li, Y.; Chen, H.; Santosh, M.; Yang, S.; Xu, Y.; Langmuir, C.; Chen, Z.; Yu, X.; Zou, S.