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2016Detrital zircon fingerprints link western North China Craton with East Gondwana during OrdovicianWang, Z.; Zhou, H.; Wang, X.; Zheng, M.; Santosh, M.; Jing, X.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, Y.
2016Early Cretaceous continental delamination in the Yangtze Block: evidence from high-Mg adakitic intrusions along the Tanlu fault, central Eastern ChinaJia, L.; Mo, X.; Santosh, M.; Yang, Z.; Yang, D.; Dong, G.; Wang, L.; Wang, X.; Wu, X.
2016Tectonic evolution of the North Qinling Orogen from subduction to collision and exhumation: evidence from zircons in metamorphic rocks of the Qinling GroupYu, H.; Zhang, H.; Li, X.; Zhang, J.; Santosh, M.; Yang, Y.; Zhou, D.
2016Microblock amalgamation in the North China Craton: evidence from Neoarchaean magmatic suite in the western margin of the Jiaoliao BlockYang, Q.; Santosh, M.; Collins, A.; Teng, X.
2016Growth and evolution of Precambrian continental crust in the southwestern Tarim terrane: new evidence from the ca. 1.4 Ga A-type granites and Paleoproterozoic intrusive complexYe, X.; Zhang, C.; Santosh, M.; Zhang, J.; Fan, X.; Zhang, J.
2016Petrology, phase equilibria and monazite geochronology of granulite-facies metapelites from deep drill cores in the Ordos Block of the North China CratonHe, X.; Santosh, M.; Bockmann, K.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.; Hu, J.; Wan, Y.
2016Constraints on the timing and conditions of high-grade metamorphism, charnockite formation and fluid-rock interaction in the Trivandrum Block, southern IndiaBlereau, E.; Clark, C.; Taylor, R.; Johnson, T.; Fitzsimons, I.; Santosh, M.
2016Early Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the North Qinling Orogenic Belt in Central China: insights on continental deep subduction and multiphase exhumationLiu, L.; Liao, X.; Wang, Y.; Wang, C.; Santosh, M.; Yang, M.; Zhang, C.; Chen, D.
2016Petrogenesis of the Bashisuogong bimodal igneous complex in southwest Tianshan Mountains, China: implications for the Tarim Large Igneous ProvinceMa, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Huang, H.; Santosh, M.; Cheng, Z.
2016Late Palaeoproterozoic depositional age for khondalite protoliths in southern India and tectonic implicationsLiu, S.; Kröner, A.; Wan, Y.; Santosh, M.; Shaji, E.; Dhanil Dev, S.