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1998A reduction in repeat falls in a private psychiatric hospitalMurdock, C.; Goldney, R.; Fisher, L.; Kent, P.; Wamsley, S.
1999Segmental colonic transit after oral ⁶⁷Ga-citrate in healthy subjects and those with chronic idiopathic constipationBartholomeusz, D.; Chatterton, B.; Bellen, J.; Gaffney, R.; Hunter, A.
1996Prediction of outcome after revascularization in patients with poor left ventricular functionChan, R.; Raman, J.; Lee, K.; Rosalion, A.; Hicks, R.; Pornvilawan, S.; Sia, B.; Horowitz, J.; Tonkin, A.; Buxton, B.
1999Resting metabolic rate, body composition and aerobic fitness comparisons between active and sedentary 54-71 year old malesSmith, D.; Withers, R.; Brinkman, M.; Tucker, R.; Chatterton, B.; Schultz, C.; Clark, D.
1997Stump appendicitis - a potential problem after laparoscopic appendicectomyWalsh, D.; Roediger, W.
1998LDL particle size and LDL and HDL cholesterol changes with dietary fat and cholesterol in healthy subjectsClifton, P.; Noakes, M.; Nestle, P.
1997Preoperative endoscopic grading of esophagitis versus outcome after laparoscopic Nissen fundoplicationWatson, D.; Foreman, D.; Devitt, P.; Jamieson, G.
1996Gastric emptying in "early" non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitusJones, K.; Horowitz, M.; Carney, B.; Wishart, J.; Guha, S.; Green, L.
1998Oil blends containing partially hydrogenated or interesterified fats: differential effects on plasma lipidsNoakes, M.; Clifton, P.
1996Effects of mediastinal irradiation on oesophageal functionYeoh, E.; Holloway, R.; Russo, A.; Tippett, M.; Bermingham, H.; Chatterton, B.; Horowitz, M.