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2009Rosiglitazone increases the expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ target genes in adipose tissue, liver, and skeletal muscle in the sheep fetus in late gestationMuhlhausler, B.; Morrison, J.; McMillen, I.
2005Early origins of obesity: programming the appetite regulatory systemMcMillen, I.; Adam, C.; Muhlhausler, B.
2005Impact of glucose infusion on the structural and functional characteristics of adipose tissue and on hypothalamic gene expression for appetite regulatory neuropeptides in the sheep fetus during late gestationMuhlhausler, B.; Adam, C.; Marrocco, E.; Findlay, P.; Roberts, C.; McFarlane, J.; Kauter, K.; McMillen, I.
2009Intrauterine growth restriction and the sex specific programming of leptin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor [gamma (PPAR gamma]) mRNA expression in visceral fat in the lambDuffield, J.; Vuocolo, T.; Tellam, R.; McFarlane, J.; Kauter, K.; Muhlhausler, B.; McMillen, I.
2004Appetite regulatory neuropeptides are expressed in the sheep hypothalamus before birthMuhlhausler, B.; McMillen, I.; Rouzad, G.; Findlay, P.; Marrocco, E.; Rhind, S.; Adam, C.
1996The relative roles of the hypothalamus and cortisol in the control of prolactin gene expression in the anterior pituitary of the sheep fetusPhillips, I.; Simonetta, G.; Owens, J.; Robinson, J.; Clarke, I.; McMillen, I.
2005Effects of maternal hypoxia or nutrient restriction during pregnancy on endothelial function in adult male rat offspringWilliams, S.; Hemmings, D.; Mitchell, J.; McMillen, I.; Davidge, S.
2013Maternal dietary restriction during the periconceptional period in normal-weight or obese ewes results in adrenocortical hypertrophy, an up-regulation of the JAK/STAT and down-regulation of the IGF1R signaling pathways in the adrenal of the postnatal lambZhang, S.; Morrison, J.; Gill, A.; Rattanatray, L.; MacLaughlin, S.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; McMillen, I.
2001Responses of the fetal pituitary-adrenal axis to acute and chronic hypoglycemia during late gestation in the sheepEdwards, L.; Symonds, M.; Warnes, K.; Owens, J.; Butler, T.; Jurisevic, A.; McMillen, I.
2004Early embryonic environment the fetal pituitary-adrenal axis and the timing of parturitionMcMillen, I.; Schwartz, J.; Coulter, C.; Edwards, L.