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2017Betamethasone-exposed preterm birth does not impair insulin action in adult sheep.De Matteo, R.; Hodgson, D.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Nguyen, V.; Owens, J.; Harding, R.; Allison, B.; Polglase, G.; Black, M.; Gatford, K.
2016The majority of murine γδ T cells at the maternal-fetal interface in pregnancy produce IL-17Pinget, G.; Corpuz, T.; Stolp, J.; Lousberg, E.; Diener, K.; Robertson, S.; Sprent, J.; Webster, K.
2017Viperin is an important host restriction factor in control of Zika virus infectionVan Der Hoek, K.; Eyre, N.; Shue, B.; Khantisitthiporn, O.; Glab-Ampi, K.; Carr, J.; Gartner, M.; Jolly, L.; Thomas, P.; Adikusuma, F.; Jankovic-Karasoulos, T.; Roberts, C.; Helbig, K.; Beard, M.
2004Maternal-fetal transplacental leakage of mitochondrial DNA in bovine nuclear transfer pregnancies: potential implications for offspring and recipientsHiendleder, S.; Bebbere, D.; Zakhartchenko, V.; Reichenbach, H.; Wenigerkind, H.; Ledda, S.; Wolf, E.
2013Prokineticin 1 induces a pro-inflammatory response in murine fetal membranes but does not induce preterm deliveryLannagan, T.; Wilson, M.; Denison, F.; Norman, J.; Catalano, R.; Jabbour, H.
2009Dietary zinc supplementation throughout pregnancy protects against fetal dysmorphology and improves postnatal survival after prenatal ethanol exposure in miceSummers, B.; Rofe, A.; Coyle, P.
2009Asthma and pregnancy: emerging evidence of epigenetic interactions in uteroPrescott, S.; Clifton, V.
2011Chronic phase shifts of the photoperiod throughout pregnancy programs glucose intolerance and insulin resistance in the ratVarcoe, T.; Wight, N.; Voultsios, A.; Salkeld, M.; Kennaway, D.
2011INSL3 in the ruminant: A powerful indicator of gender- and genetic-specific feto-maternal dialogueAnand Ivell, R.; Hiendleder, S.; Vinoles, C.; Martin, G.; Fitzsimmons, C.; Eurich, A.; Hafen, B.; Ivell, R.
2006Prenatal zinc treatment at the time of acute ethanol exposure limits spatial memory impairments in mouse offspringPearce, B.; Rofe, A.; Coyle, P.