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2002Use of medication by young people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderSawyer, M.; Rey, J.; Graetz, B.; Clark, J.; Baghurst, P.
2011FluCAN 2009: initial results from sentinel surveillance for adult influenza and pneumonia in eight Australian hospitalsKelly, P.; Kotsimbos, T.; Reynolds, A.; Wood-Baker, R.; Hancox, B.; Brown, S.; Holmes, M.; Simpson, G.; Bowler, S.; Waterer, G.; Irving, L.; Jenkins, C.; Thompson, P.; Cheng, A.
2004Obesity is a risk factor for peritonitis in the Australian and New Zealand peritoneal dialysis patient populationsMcDonald, S.; Collins, J.; Rumpsfeld, M.; Johnson, D.
2007The mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents in home-based foster careSawyer, M.; Carbone, J.; Searle, A.; Robinson, P.
2004Access to dental care in AustraliaHarford, J.; Ellershaw, A.; Stewart, J.
2010Self-injury in Australia: a community surveyMartin, G.; Swannell, S.; Hazell, P.; Harrison, J.; Taylor, A.
1996Lifetime exposure to environmental lead and children's intelligence at 11-13 years: The Port Pirie cohort StudyShilu, T.; Baghurst, P.; McMichael, A.; Sawyer, M.; Mudge, J.
2004Trends in selenium status of South AustraliansLyons, G.; Judson, G.; Stangoulis, J.; Palmer, L.; Jones, J.; Graham, R.
2007Personal and lifestyle characteristics predictive of the consumption of fast foods in AustraliaMohr, P.; Wilson, C.; Dunn, K.; Brindal, E.; Wittert, G.
2002Mental health of teenagers who use cannabis - Results of an Australian surveyRey, J.; Sawyer, M.; Raphael, B.; Patton, G.; Lynskey, M.