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2016The obesity associated FTO gene variant and the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes: evidence from the SCOPE studyAndraweera, P.; Dekker, G.; Leemaqz, S.; McCowan, L.; Roberts, C.
2005Severe hypotension and fetal death due to tocolysis with nifedipine - CorrespondencePapatsonis, D.; Carbonne, B.; Dekker, G.; Flenady, V.; King, J.
2006Neurotropic viruses and cerebral palsy: population based case-control studyGibson, C.; MacLennan, A.; Goldwater, P.; Haan, E.; Priest, K.; Dekker, G.
2001Tocolysis with nifedipine or beta-adrenergic agonists: A meta-analysisTsalsaris, V.; Papatsonis, D.; Goffinet, F.; Dekker, G.; Carbonne, B.
2002Cervical incompetence: A reappraisal of an obstetric controversyAlthuisius, S.; Dekker, G.; van Geijn, H.
2001Primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of pre-eclampsiaDekker, G.; Sibai, B.
2009Patterns of change in uterine artery doppler studies between 20 and 24 weeks of gestation and pregnancy outcomesGroom, K.; North, R.; Stone, P.; Chan, E.; Taylor, R.; Dekker, G.; McCowan, L.
2001Mutations in the gene for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, homocysteine levels, and vitamin status in women with a history of preeclampsiaLachmeijer, A.; Arngrimsson, R.; Bastiaans, E.; Pals, G.; ten Kate, L.; de Vries, J.; Kostense, P.; Aarnoudse, J.; Dekker, G.
2011Clinical risk prediction for pre-eclampsia in nulliparous women: development of model in international prospective cohortNorth, R.; McCowan, L.; Dekker, G.; Poston, L.; Chan, E.; Stewart, A.; Black, M.; Taylor, R.; Walker, J.; Baker, P.; Kenny, L.
2011Association of vascular endothelial growth factor +936 C/T single-nucleotide polymorphism with pregnancies complicated by small-for-gestational-age babiesAndraweera, P.; Dekker, G.; Thompson, S.; Nowak, R.; Zhang, V.; McCowan, L.; North, R.; Roberts, C.