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1998Treatment with Anti-Granulocyte Antobodies Inhibits the Effector Phase of Experimental Autoimmune EnvephalomyelitisMcColl, S.; Staykova, M.; Wozniak, A.; Fordham, S.; Bruce, J.; Willenborg, D.
2011Mini-review series: Focus on chemokinesComerford, I.; McColl, S.
1999Genomic organisation and biological characterization of the novel human CC chemokine DC-CK-1/PARC/MIP-4/SCYA18Guan, P.; Burghes, A.; Cunningham, A.; Lira, P.; Brissette, W.; Neote, K.; McColl, S.
2011In vivo leukocyte changes induced by Escherichia coli subtilase cytotoxinWang, H.; Paton, A.; McColl, S.; Paton, J.
2006Macrophage migration inhibitory factor induces macrophage recruitment via CC chemokine ligand 2Gregory, J.; Morand, E.; McKeown, S.; Ralph, J.; Hall, P.; Yang, Y.; McColl, S.; Hickey, M.
2009Inhibition of CCR6 Function Reduces the Severity of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis via Effects on the Priming Phase of the Immune ResponseListon, A.; Kohler, R.; Townley, S.; Haylock-Jacobs, S.; Comerford, I.; Caon, A.; Webster, J.; Harrison, J.; Swann, J.; Clark-Lewis, I.; Korner, H.; McColl, S.
2001Production of chemokines in vivo in response to microbial stimulationCoates, N.; McColl, S.
2013The CXCR1/2 ligand NAP-2 promotes directed intravascular leukocyte migration through platelet thrombiGhasemzadeh, M.; Kaplan, Z.; Alwis, I.; Schoenwaelder, S.; Ashworth, K.; Westein, E.; Hosseini, E.; Salem, H.; Slattery, R.; McColl, S.; Hickey, M.; Ruggeri, Z.; Yuan, Y.; Jackson, S.
2012Visualisation in imaging mass spectrometry using the minimum noise fraction transformStone, G.; Clifford, D.; Gustafsson, O.; McColl, S.; Hoffmann, P.
2012PI3Kγ drives priming and survival of autoreactive CD4⁺ T cells during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisComerford, I.; Litchfield, W.; Kara, E.; McColl, S.