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2013Interferon-ε protects the female reproductive tract from viral and bacterial infectionFung, K.; Mangan, N.; Cumming, H.; Horvat, J.; Mayall, J.; Stifter, S.; De Weerd, N.; Roisman, L.; Rossjohn, J.; Robertson, S.; Schjenken, J.; Parker, B.; Gargett, C.; Nguyen, H.; Carr, D.; Hansbro, P.; Hertzog, P.
1990Granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) in the murine reproductive tract: stimulation by seminal factorsRobertson, S.; Seamark, R.
1996Role of high molecular weight seminal vesicle proteins in eliciting the uterine inflammatory response to semen in miceRobertson, S.; Mau, V.; Tremellen, K.; Seamark, R.
1996Ovarian steroid hormones regulate granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor synthesis by uterine epithelial cells in the mouseRobertson, S.; Mayrhofer, G.; Seamark, R.
2015Novel noncompetitive IL-1 receptor-biased ligand prevents infection- and inflammation-induced preterm birthNadeau-Vallée, M.; Quiniou, C.; Palacios, J.; Hou, X.; Erfani, A.; Madaan, A.; Sanchez, M.; Leimert, K.; Boudreault, A.; Duhamel, F.; Rivera, J.; Zhu, T.; Noueihed, B.; Robertson, S.; Ni, X.; Olson, D.; Lubell, W.; Girard, S.; Chemtob, S.
2008Mammary gland development in transforming growth factor beta1 null mutant mice: Systemic and epithelial effectsIngman, W.; Robertson, S.
2001Impaired thrombin generation in b2-glycoprotein I null miceSheng, Y.; Reddel, S.; Herzog, H.; Wang, Y.; Brighton, T.; France, M.; Robertson, S.; Krilis, S.
2004Diversity in phenotype and steroid hormone dependence in dendritic cells and macrophages in the mouse uterusHudson Keenihan, S.; Robertson, S.
2002Transforming growth factor β — a mediator of immune deviation in seminal plasmaRobertson, S.; Ingman, W.; O'Leary, S.; Sharkey, D.; Tremellen, K.
2007GM-CSF regulation of embryo development and pregnancyRobertson, S.