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2022Characterization of Mammalian Regulatory Complexes at Single-Locus Resolution Using TINCKnaupp, A.S.; Schittenhelm, R.B.; Polo, J.M.; Horsfield, J.; Marsman, J.
2022Deleterious variants in CRLS1 lead to cardiolipin deficiency and cause an autosomal recessive multi-system mitochondrial diseaseLee, R.G.; Balasubramaniam, S.; Stentenbach, M.; Kralj, T.; McCubbin, T.; Padman, B.; Smith, J.; Riley, L.G.; Priyadarshi, A.; Peng, L.; Nuske, M.R.; Webster, R.; Peacock, K.; Roberts, P.; Stark, Z.; Lemire, G.; Ito, Y.A.; Boycott, K.M.; Geraghty, M.T.; Van Klinken, J.B.; et al.
2023Prediction of Multiple Types of RNA Modifications via Biological Language ModelZhang, Y.; Ge, F.; Li, F.; Yang, X.; Song, J.; Yu, D.-J.
2020Comment on 'A method to quantify regional axonal transport blockade at the optic nerve head after short term intraocular pressure elevation in mice by A. Korneva et al.' (Exp. Eye Res. doi:, R.J.; Chidlow, G.; Wood, J.
2020Expression of the chemokine receptor CCR1 promotes the dissemination of multiple myeloma plasma cells in vivoZeissig, M.N.; Hewett, D.R.; Panagopoulos, V.; Mrozik, K.M.; To, L.B.; Croucher, P.I.; Zannettino, A.C.W.; Vandyke, K.
2020Repurposing a neurodegenerative disease drug to treat Gram-negative antibiotic-resistant bacterial sepsisDe Oliveira, D.M.P.; Bohlmann, L.; Conroy, T.; Jen, F.E.-C.; Everest-Dass, A.; Hansford, K.A.; Bolisetti, R.; El-Deeb, I.M.; Forde, B.M.; Phan, M.-D.; Lacey, J.A.; Tan, A.; Rivera-Hernandez, T.; Brouwer, S.; Keller, N.; Kidd, T.J.; Cork, A.J.; Bauer, M.J.; Cook, G.M.; Davies, M.R.; et al.
2023Radiotherapy exposure directly damages the uterus and causes pregnancy lossGriffiths, M.J.; Marshall, S.A.; Cousins, F.L.; Alesi, L.R.; Higgins, J.; Giridharan, S.; Sarma, U.C.; Menkhorst, E.; Zhou, W.; Care, A.S.; Donoghue, J.F.; Holdsworth-Carson, S.J.; Rogers, P.A.W.; Dimitriadis, E.; Gargett, C.E.; Robertson, S.A.; Winship, A.L.; Hutt, K.J.
2023Functional Characterisation of the Circular RNA, circHTT(2-6), in Huntington’s DiseaseGantley, L.; Stringer, B.W.; Conn, V.M.; Ootsuka, Y.; Holds, D.; Slee, M.; Aliakbari, K.; Kirk, K.; Ormsby, R.J.; Webb, S.T.; Hanson, A.; Lin, H.; Selth, L.A.; Conn, S.J.
2021Age-dependent and region-specific alteration of parvalbumin neurons, perineuronal nets and microglia in the mouse prefrontal cortex and hippocampus following obesogenic diet consumptionReichelt, A.C.; Lemieux, C.A.; Princz-Lebel, O.; Singh, A.; Bussey, T.J.; Saksida, L.M.
2020Olanzapine increases AMPK-NPY orexigenic signaling by disrupting H1R-GHSR1a interaction in the hypothalamic neurons of miceChen, X.; Yu, Y.; Zheng, P.; Jin, T.; He, M.; Zheng, M.; Song, X.; Jones, A.; Huang, X.F.