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1997Mapping of the gene for vascular endothelial growth factor-D in mouse and man to the X chromosomeJenkins, N.; Woollatt, E.; Crawford, J.; Gilbert, D.; Baldwin, M.; Sutherland, G.; Copeland, N.; Achen, M.
1995An integrated physical map of human chromosome 16Doggett, N.; Goodwin, L.; Tesmer, J.; Meincke, L.; Bruce, D.; Clark, L.; Altherr, M.; Ford, A.; Chi, H.C.; Marrone, B.; Longmire, J.; Lane, S.; Whitmore, S.; Lowenstein, N.; Sutherland, G.; Mundt, M.; Knill, E.; Bruno, W.; Macken, C.; Torney, D.; et al.
1998Molecular cloning reveals that the p160 Myb-binding protein is a novel, predominantly necleolar protein which may play a role in transactivation by MybTavner, F.; Simpson, R.; Tashiro, S.; Favier, D.; Jenkins, N.; Gilbert, D.; Copeland, N.; MacMillan, E.; Lutwyche, J.; Keough, R.; Ishii, S.; Gonda, T.
1995Assignment of the human skeletal muscle a-tropomyosin gene (TPM1) to band 15q22 by fluorescence in situ hybridizationEyre, H.; Akkari, P.; Wilton, S.; Callen, D.; Baker, E.; Laing, N.
1996bcl-w, a novel member of the bcl-2 family, promotes cell survivalGibson, L.; Holmgreen, S.; Huang, D.; Bernand, O.; Copeland, N.; Jenkins, N.; Sutherland, G.; Baker, E.; Adams, J.; Cory, S.
1999Assignment of the Uroplakin 1b (Upk1b) gene to mouse Chromosome 16 bands B5-C2 by in situ hybridzationWebb, G.; Finch, J.; Cowled, P.
1997A Novel Epithelial-Expressed ETS Gene, ELF3 - Human and Murine cDNA Sequences, Murine Genomic Organization, Human Mapping to 1q32.2 and Expression in Tissues and CancerTymms, M.; Ng, A.; Thomas, R.; Schutte, B.; Zhou, J.; Eyre, H.; Sutherland, G.; Seth, A.; Rosenberg, M.; Papas, T.; Debouck, C.; Kola, I.
1998Characterisation of the mouse homologue of CD151 (PETA-3/SFA-1) ; genomic structure, chromosomal localisation and identification of 2 novel splice formsFitter, S.; Seldin, M.; Ashman, L.
1995Assignment of the human beta tropomyosin gene (TPM2) to band 9p13 by fluorescence in situ hybridisationHunt, C.; Eyre, H.; Akkari, P.; Meredith, C.; Dorosz, S.; Wilton, S.; Callen, D.; Laing, N.; Baker, E.
1995Expression of bacterial cysteine biosynthesis genes in transgenic mice and sheep: Toward a new in vivo amino acid biosynthesis pathway and improved wool growthBawden, C.; Sivaprasad, A.; Verma, P.; Walker, S.; Rogers, G.