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dc.contributor.authorMolahosseini, A.-
dc.contributor.authorNavi, K.-
dc.contributor.authorDadkhah, C.-
dc.contributor.authorKavehei, O.-
dc.contributor.authorTimarchi, S.-
dc.identifier.citationIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part 1: Regular Papers, 2010; 57(4):823-835-
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we introduce two new 4-moduli sets {2n-1, 2 n, 2n +1, 22n + 1-1} and {2n-1, 2n +1, 22n, 22n +1} for developing efficient large dynamic range (DR) residue number systems (RNS). These moduli sets consist of simple and well-formed moduli which can result in efficient implementation of the reverse converter as well as internal RNS arithmetic circuits. The moduli set {2n-1, 2n, 2n +1, 22n + 1-1} has 5n-bit DR and it can result in a fast RNS arithmetic unit, while the 6n-bit DR moduli set {2n-1, 2n +1, 22n, 22n +1} is a conversion friendly moduli set which can lead to a high-speed and low-cost reverse converter design. Next, efficient reverse converters for the proposed moduli sets based on new Chinese remainder theorems (New CRTs) are presented. The converter for the moduli set {2n-1, 2n, 2n +1, 22n + 1-1} is derived by New CRT-II with better performance compared to the reverse converter for the latest introduced 5n-bit DR moduli set {2n-1, 2n, 2n+1, 2 n-1}-1, 2n + 1-1}. Also, New CRT-I is used to achieve a high-performance reverse converter for the moduli set {2n-1, 2 n+1, 22n, 22n+1}. This converter has less conversion delay and lower hardware requirements than the reverse converter for a recently suggested 6n-bit DR moduli set {2n-1, 2n +1, 22n-2, 22n + 1-3}. © 2006 IEEE.-
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityAmir Sabbagh Molahosseini, Keivan Navi, Chitra Dadkhah, Omid Kavehei, and Somayeh Timarchi-
dc.rights© 2010 IEEE-
dc.subjectComputer arithmetic-
dc.subjectnew Chinese remainder theorems (New CRTs)-
dc.subjectresidue arithmetic-
dc.subjectreverse converter-
dc.subjectresidue number system (RNS)-
dc.titleEfficient reverse converter designs for the new 4-moduli sets {2(n)-1, 2(n), 2(n)+1, 2(2n+1)-1} and {2(n)-1, 2(n)+1, 2(2n), 2(2n)+1} based on new CRTs-
dc.typeJournal article-
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