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2013Learning from incident reports in the Australian medical imaging setting: handover and communication errorsHannaford, N.; Mandel, C.; Crock, C.; Buckley, K.; Magrabi, F.; Ong, M.; Allen, S.; Schultz, T.
2004Postoperative complications in the first 24 hours: a general surgery auditZeitz, K.; McCutcheon, H.; Albrecht, A.
2002Descriptive study of nurses' compliance with postprocedural vital sign measurement in a gastrointestinal investigation unitDempsey, D.; Conroy, T.; O'Neill, S.; McCutcheon, H.
2013Does mindfulness matter? Everyday mindfulness, mindful eating and self-reported serving size of energy dense foods among a sample of South Australian adultsBeshara, M.; Hutchinson, A.; Wilson, C.
2006Observations and vital signs: ritual or vital for the monitoring of postoperative patients?Zeitz, K.; McCutcheon, H.
2010The support needs and experiences of suicidally bereaved family and friendsWilson, A.; Marshall, A.
2015To receive or not to receive analgesics in the emergency department: the importance of the pain intensity assessment and initial nursing assessmentMuntlin Athlin, Å.; Carlsson, M.; Gunningberg, L.
2005'Fishing with the dead' - recall of memories from the ICUMagarey, J.; McCutcheon, H.
2004Knowledge, attitudes and practices with regard to malaria control in an endemic rural area of Myanmar.Swe, K.; Pearson, A.
2012How feasible are lifestyle modification programs for disease prevention in general practice?Schuetze, H.; Rix, E.F.; Laws, R.A.; Passey, M.; Fanaian, M.; Harris, M.F.