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Type: Thesis
Title: Shades of green: changes in the paradigm of environmental art since the 1960s.
Author: Wildy, Jade
Issue Date: 2011
School/Discipline: School of History and Politics
Abstract: Over the last 100 years, since the dawning of the modernist era in the 19th century, there have been major developments in the fields of art practice and theory, altering the course of art history. Changes that occurred in the late 1960s saw the emergence of a conceptual era of art, in which the emphasis and value within art altered; an art object's value was no longer inherent within that object. Rather value was applied through cultural context and what the artworks means. This is particularly evident in the growing environmental art movement. Environmental art is an expansive movement that involves an artistic process or artwork where the artist actively engages with the environment. It is a widely diverse discipline encompassing small personal works, including earth/body art and performance, to permanent, large-scale works. Through specific themed chapters, this thesis aims to establish some of the ways the paradigm of environmental art has evolved since its beginnings in the 1960s. This will be achieved through investigations of three dominant themes and forms of interaction, within environmental art. This thesis focuses on the areas of environmental art that clearly illustrate key concepts in the movement. It explores concepts within feminist art, linking with Ecofeminism; presents investigations into large-scale environmental projects, the most prominent examples of the movement, and lastly, examines works that interact with the idea of ephemerality and the changing role of the gallery.
Advisor: North, Ian
Speck, Catherine Margaret
Mansfield, Lisa
Dissertation Note: Thesis (M.A.(St.Art.Hist.)) -- University of Adelaide, School of History and Politics, 2011
Keywords: coursework; environmental art; eco-art; ecovention; ecofeminism; ecofeminist art; land art; earth art; women in art; earth art; earthworks; modernism; contemporary art; site-specific art; green art
Provenance: Master of Arts (Studies in Art History) by Coursework
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