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Type: Text
Title: Australian federation : an address to the electors of South Australia
Author: Solomon, V. L. (Vaiben Louis), 1853-1908.
Publisher: [Adelaide : s.n.], 1897 (Adelaide : Scrymgour and Sons)
Issue Date: 1897
Keywords: Australia. Constitution.
Federal government Australia.
Constitutional history Australia.
Australia Politics and government 1851-1901 History Sources
Description: Vaiben Louis Solomon (1853-1908) lived from 1873 in the Northern Territory, involved in mining and other commercial ventures including ownership and editorship of the Northern Territory Times and Gazette, and was elected at the head of the poll to South Australia's House of Assembly when the NT was granted Parliamentary representation in 1890. An effective debater and prominent politician, he was marginalised by the development of an essentially two-party House following the emergence of the Labor Party, although he was government whip in two administrations, very briefly Premier in 1899 and deputy leader of the Opposition in 1908. He was returned as a member of the first Federal Parliament in the single poll but was defeated in 1903 in election for the seat of Boothby, and was again elected as Northern Territory representative to the South Australian Legislative Assembly in 1905, a position he retained until his death in 1908. Solomon was elected to the Australasian Federal Convention in 1897 and in debates on the constitution consistently championed both intercolonial free trade and the rights of the smaller states. His views on Federation were expressed in the early debates in Adelaide, when he spoke of the very highest of our federal aspirations, not that the States should be absorbed in one Central Parliament, but that the States for various common purposes, principally of a commercial and financial nature, should surrender just as much of those public matters and public departments as can be better, more efficiently, and more economically managed by a central Government than by seven isolated Governments. (29 March 1897) This pamphlet, published just prior to the election of delegates to the 1897 Federal Convention, includes a brief biographical sketch of Solomon preceding his statement to the electors of South Australia of his views on federation. It sought to inform voters of the content and intentions of the draft Bill as agreed upon at the 1891 National Australian Convention and outlined his own views on some of its provisions, notably those relating to the representation and rights of the colonies and the powers to be given to the Federal Parliament, especially in the matter of trade, commerce and customs duties.
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