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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Selection of project procurement methods in the consumer electronics industry - a Hong Kong studyNg, W.; Zillante, G.; Chan, A.; Zuo, J.; Xia, B.
2013Factors influencing the success of BOT power plant projects in China: A reviewZhao, Z.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.
2012Sustainable retirement living: what matters?Barker, J.; Xia, B.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.
2012Sustainability policy of construction contractors: A reviewZuo, J.; Zillante, G.; Wilson, L.; Davidson, K.; Pullen, S.
2014The Future of Sustainable Building Assessment Tools: A Case Study in AustraliaZuo, J.; Xia, B.; Zillante, G.; Zhao, Z.; Wang, J.; Ding, Z.; Zou, L.; Zuo, J.; International Research Symposium on the Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate (17th : 2012 : Shenzhen, China)
2018Combining life cycle assessment and Building Information Modelling to account for carbon emission of building demolition waste: a case studyWang, J.; Wu, H.; Duan, H.; Zillante, G.; Zuo, J.; Yuan, H.
2013Supporting and impeding factors for partnering in construction: a China studyZuo, J.; Chan, A.; Zhao, Z.; Zillante, G.; Xia, B.
2011Chinese construction industry: governance, procurement and cultureZuo, J.; Zillante, G.; Zhao, Z.; Brunn, S.
2012Construction management and a state of zero wasteChileshe, N.; Zuo, J.; Pullen, S.; Zillante, G.; Lehmann, S.; Crocker, R.
2010Building information modeling in the Australian architecture engineering and construction industryGerrard, A.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.; Skitmore, M.; Underwood, J.; Isikdag, U.