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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011International cooperation on renewable energy development in China - a critical analysisZhao, Z.; Zuo, J.; Feng, T.; Zillante, G.
2012Comparitive assessment of performance of foreign and local wind turbine manufacturers in ChinaZhao, Z.; Ling, W.; Zillante, G.; Zuo, J.
2014Modeling and evaluation of the wind power industry chain: a China studyTian, Y.; Zhao, Z.; Zillante, G.
2014Does project culture matter? A comparative study of two major hospital projectsZuo, J.; Zillante, G.; Zhao, Z.; Xia, B.
2008Prospects of relationship contracting in China: lessons learned from AustraliaZuo, J.; Zhao, Z.; Zillante, G.; International Conference on Multi-National Construction Projects (2008 : Shanghai, China)
2016Corporate social responsibility for construction contractors: a China studyZhao, Z.; Zhao, X.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.
2012Foreign architectural and engineering design firms' competitiveness and strategies in China: a diamond model studyZhao, Z.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.; Zhao, X.
2013The impact of international forces on the Chinese wind power industryZhao, Z.; Sun, G.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.
2013Factors influencing the success of BOT power plant projects in China: A reviewZhao, Z.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.
2014The Future of Sustainable Building Assessment Tools: A Case Study in AustraliaZuo, J.; Xia, B.; Zillante, G.; Zhao, Z.; Wang, J.; Ding, Z.; Zou, L.; Zuo, J.; International Research Symposium on the Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate (17th : 2012 : Shenzhen, China)