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Type: Text
Title: Myths and legends – Central Australia, Ooldea, Eucla
Issue Date: 1930
Abstract: Notes on stellar myths; The legend of the two brothers – Magellan’s Clouds, the Southern Cross and the pointers – from Twilight Cove, Great Australian Bight WA (Willilambi); Notes on Malinowski’s idea of different cultures having similar myths about the stars; Nyiruna (Nyeeruna) or Orion myth from Central Australia and part of WA border area; Zodiac of the Aborigines includes Orion the hunter, Taurus the bull, Aldebaran, Vesta and dogs; Venus and Jupiter from South and Western Australia from the border, and the Central Ranges to the Bight and cliffs west of Eucla. Astronomy of the Aborigines – Southern Cross and pointers; Central Australian Astronomy - the constellation of Orion; The myths have been adapted and readjusted to the real lives of the groups owning them. The myth was enacted to young men being initiated and covers a wide area of Central Australia and the Western border, south to the Great Plain’s northern edge, east and south-east towards the Diamantina, Cooper and other rivers. Mingari – mountain devil – Central Australia. Describes the separation of Nyiruna (Orion) from Mingari (Pleiades); Animal legend: Giniga, Jamma and Kallia (native cat, opossum and emu) from area covering Twilight Cove (Willilambi, Willyalambi) and Drollinya or Dralyinya (Balladonia); Fire legend: from near Twilight Cove WA (Willilambi) – The yog who would not share her fire; The sparrowhawk and pigeon – a Dralyinya legend (Balladonia); Fire legend from Bight Head Water (Ilgamba Gabbi); The legend of Warrdargana Gabbi (Boundary Dam) from western border of SA, 170 miles north of Eucla, 170 miles WNW of Ooldea on the east-west line. Boundary Dam was named by Giles in 1875. Wardarrga is mulga with edible seeds. The legend of Ooldea Water (Ooldil nga gabbi) - many group names mentioned as part of Koogurda nunga. Place names Jinyil (Eucla), Kooluna (west coast of SA); Beelarl, the sooty bell magpie; Kalbin – the Ngamamurra (mallee hen); The legend of the bellbird Barridan/barradin; Central Australian astronomy – list of stars and terms; Mingari – fragment; Other notes and fragments of myths re Mingari
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