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Title: Series 7.3a - Myths and legends – Central Australia, Ooldea, Eucla
Issue Date: 1930
Abstract: Notes on stellar myths; The legend of the two brothers – Magellan’s Clouds, the Southern Cross and the pointers – from Twilight Cove, Great Australian Bight WA (Willilambi); Notes on Malinowski’s idea of different cultures having similar myths about the stars; Nyiruna (Nyeeruna) or Orion myth from Central Australia and part of WA border area; Zodiac of the Aborigines includes Orion the hunter, Taurus the bull, Aldebaran, Vesta and dogs; Venus and Jupiter from South and Western Australia from the border, and the Central Ranges to the Bight and cliffs west of Eucla. Astronomy of the Aborigines – Southern Cross and pointers; Central Australian Astronomy - the constellation of Orion; The myths have been adapted and readjusted to the real lives of the groups owning them. The myth was enacted to young men being initiated and covers a wide area of Central Australia and the Western border, south to the Great Plain’s northern edge, east and south-east towards the Diamantina, Cooper and other rivers. Mingari – mountain devil – Central Australia. Describes the separation of Nyiruna (Orion) from Mingari (Pleiades); Animal legend: Giniga, Jamma and Kallia (native cat, opossum and emu) from area covering Twilight Cove (Willilambi, Willyalambi) and Drollinya or Dralyinya (Balladonia); Fire legend: from near Twilight Cove WA (Willilambi) – The yog who would not share her fire; The sparrowhawk and pigeon – a Dralyinya legend (Balladonia); Fire legend from Bight Head Water (Ilgamba Gabbi); The legend of Warrdargana Gabbi (Boundary Dam) from western border of SA, 170 miles north of Eucla, 170 miles WNW of Ooldea on the east-west line. Boundary Dam was named by Giles in 1875. Wardarrga is mulga with edible seeds. The legend of Ooldea Water (Ooldil nga gabbi) - many group names mentioned as part of Koogurda nunga. Place names Jinyil (Eucla), Kooluna (west coast of SA); Beelarl, the sooty bell magpie; Kalbin – the Ngamamurra (mallee hen); The legend of the bellbird Barridan/barradin; Central Australian astronomy – list of stars and terms; Mingari – fragment; Other notes and fragments of myths re Mingari
Description: Scanned from the copies held by Rare Books and Special Collections as part of the Daisy Bates Papers, MSS 572.994 B32t
The Barr Smith Library recognises the moral rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the owners of their knowledge. To this end, Special Collections is digitising the Daisy Bates Papers in our collections to enhance access for people who cannot travel to Adelaide. Please be aware that this site may contain sensitive information, including the names and images of people who have passed away and which may sadden and distress some Aboriginal people. This site may also contain language and terms used by an author that reflect an inappropriate attitude due to the historical context in which these records were created.
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7.3a no1.pdf1. Aboriginal stellar myths 21.39 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a no2.pdf2. Legend of the two brothers 47.11 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.3.pdf3. The constellation Orion 1.43 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.4.pdf4. Mingari, the mountain devil 380.51 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.5.pdf5. Giniga, Jamma and Kallia. (Twilight Cove) 980.01 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.6.pdf6. The yog who would not share her fire. (Near Twilight Cove) 1.46 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.7.pdf7. The sparrowhawk and pigeon - a Dralyinya legend (Balladonia) 2.98 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.8.pdf8. Moolanu the fire-stealer. (Bight Head) 2.79 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.9.pdf9. The legend of Warrdarrgana Gabbi (Boundary Dam) 4.43 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.10.pdf10. The legend of Ooldea Water 2.73 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.11.pdf11. Beelarl, the sooty bell magpie 1.51 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.12.pdf12. The ngannamurra (mallee hen) 1.57 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.13.pdf13. The legend of the bell bird (barridan)1.54 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.14.pdf14. Central Australian astronomy 1.47 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.15.pdf15. Mingari 1.37 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.17.pdf17. 1. Aboriginal stellar myths 1.81 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.16.pdf16. Other notes and fragments of myths re Mingari.2.01 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.1_copy2.pdf1. Aboriginal stellar myths. Copy 2 2.6 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.2_copy2.pdf2. Legend of the two brothers. Copy 28.45 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.3_copy2.pdf3. The constellation Orion . Copy 29.53 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.4_copy2.pdf4. Mingari, the mountain devil. Copy 2. 4.52 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.4_copy3.pdf4. Mingari, the mountain devil. Copy 3. 5.13 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.7_copy2.pdf7. The sparrowhawk and pigeon - a Dralyinya legend (Balladonia). Copy 2. 4.5 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.14_copy2.pdf14. Central Australian astronomy. Copy 2. 2.07 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.15_copy2.pdf15. Mingari. Copy 2 1.76 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
7.3a.15_copy3.pdf15. Mingari. Copy 3. 2.42 MBAdobe PDFView/Open

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