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Type: Thesis
Title: Antennas, waves, and circuits in radio frequency identification.
Author: Hall, David M.
Issue Date: 2011
School/Discipline: School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Abstract: High-performance electronic labelling systems require the separate components to be designed in an optimum way and with a consideration of their interactions with other components in the system. As with many system designs many aspects of the electrical and electronic discipline must be pursued with skill for a successful design to emerge. In addition to dealing with these matters, the author considers low cost and long range along with manufacturability as key criteria for a high-performance labelling system and thus has kept these aspects in mind throughout the component design process. The first part of the work describes the design of both near-field and far-field UHF antennas including a UHF antenna which is combined with an HF antenna. In a second part of the work are investigations of techniques for reading UHF tags on a metal surface and HF tags inside a hole formed in metal. Finally, the designs of low-power and low-cost microelectronic circuits for passive tags are discussed. Each system element designed by the author has been fabricated for successful empirical evaluation.
Advisor: Cole, Peter Harold
Dissertation Note: Thesis (Ph.D.) -- University of Adelaide, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2011
Keywords: RFID: tag; label; EAS; UHF; HF; antenna; low-power; metal
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