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Type: Conference paper
Title: Modelling and optimisation of a novel hydrogen permselective membrane reactor in fischer-tropsch synthesis
Author: Forghani, A.
Bayat, M.
Rahimpour, M.
Citation: Proceedings of CHEMECA 2011: Engineering a Better World, held in Sydney, 18-21 September 2011: pp. 2581-2589
Publisher: Engineers Australia, 2011
Publisher Place: online
Issue Date: 2011
ISBN: 9780858259676
Conference Name: CHEMECA (39th : 2011 : Sydney, Australia)
Statement of
Amir A. Forghani, Mehdi Bayat and Mohammad R. Rahimpour
Abstract: In this work a novel hydrogen permselective membrane Fischer-Tropsch reactor (MR) has been optimized using genetic algorithm (GA). In this configuration the synthesis gas is fed to the tube side and flows in co-current mode with reacting gas mixture that enters in the shell side of the reactor. In this way, the synthesis gas is heated by heat of reaction which is produced in the reaction side. Hydrogen can penetrate from the feed synthesis gas side into the reaction side as a result of a hydrogen partial pressure difference. The outlet synthesis gas from tube side is recycled to shells and the chemical reaction is initiated in catalytic bed. Therefore, the reacting gas in shell side is cooled simultaneously with passing gas in tube and saturated water in outer shell. A theoretical investigation was performed in order to optimize the reactor performance, maximizing C5+ production and at the same time, minimizing the CO2 yields as an undesired product. The optimization was carried out and the results show there is a favorable profile of FTS products along the optimized OMR system relative to the MR. Optimal catalyst size and temperature profile along the reactor were obtained and 3.1815% additional C5+ yield was resulted in optimized system relative to membrane FTS reactor.
Keywords: Fischer-Tropsch synthesis; hydrogen permselective membrane reactor; genetic algorithm
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RMID: 0020117495
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