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2009A Guugu Yimmithir Bam Wii: Ngawiya and Girrbithi: Hunting, planning and management along the Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.
2014A Lefebvrian analysis of redeveloping derelict urban docklands for high-density consumption living, AustraliaOakley, S.
2011A new dawn?: regions and regionalism in AustraliaBeer, A.
2006A spatially sensitive approach to understanding the impact of public expenditure on social exclusionWilson, L.; Spoehr, J.; Martin, S.; Hopkinson, C.; Hall, C.; Social Change in the 21st Century (2006 : Brisbane)
2008A tale of two cities: auto plant closures and policy responses in Birmingham and Adelaide (Editorial)Beer, A.; Thomas, H.
2008A Tale of Two Regions: Comparative Versus Competitive Approaches to Economic RestructuringBeer, A.; Thomas, H.; Bailey, D.
2011A unique moment: regions and regionalism in AustraliaBeer, A.
2014Aboriginal women in the Australian prison systemGrant, E.M.; Paddick, S.
2012AdelaideBeer, A.; Beilharz, P.; Hogan, T.
2011Affluence mobility and second home ownershipParis, C.
2012Affordable housingLeishman, C.; Rowley, S.; Clapham, D.; Clark, W.; Gibb, K.
2015Aged care reform and precarious housing: does tenure affect the services received?Cornell, V.
2006Ageing owners and the significance of family business closures - towards a better understanding of the likely impact of family business closures in AustraliaSpoehr, J.
2013An assessment of the relationship between informal caring and quality of life in older community-dwelling adults - more positives than negatives?Ratcliffe, J.; Lester, L.; Couzner, L.; Crotty, M.
2013Approaches to the design and provision of prison accommodation and facilities for Australian Indigenous prisoners after the royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custodyGrant, E.
2015Architecture for Aboriginal children and families: a post occupancy evaluation of the Taikurrendi, Gabmididi Manoo and Ngura Yadurirn Children and Family CentresGrant, E.M.; Green, I.; Colbung, M.; Department for Education and Child Development (South Australia).
2017Assessing the spatial impact of policy interventions on real-estate values: an exemplar of the use of the hybrid hedonic/repeat-sales methodLeishman, C.; Watkins, C.
2011Association between housing affordability and mental health: A longitudinal analysis of a nationally representative household survey in AustraliaBentley, R.; Baker, E.; Mason, K.; Subramanian, S.; Kavanagh, A.
2006Australia's Regions and their Potential for Economic and Population GrowthBeer, A.; Clower, T.; Kearins, B.
2010Australia, Climate Change and the Sea ChangeNursey-Bray, M.; Shaw, J.