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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Is there a case for non-profit organisations in regeneration schemes?: the Poatina experienceBunce, D.
2008Pedalling the city: intra-urban differences in cycling for the journey-to-workBonham, J.; Suh, J.
2008A tale of two cities: auto plant closures and policy responses in Birmingham and Adelaide (Editorial)Beer, A.; Thomas, H.
2006Ageing owners and the significance of family business closures - towards a better understanding of the likely impact of family business closures in AustraliaSpoehr, J.
2009The ownership of many homes in Northern Ireland & Australia: issues for states and localitiesParis, C.; Jorgensen, B.; Martin, J.
2006Constructing the Port: External Perceptions and Intervention in the Creation of Place in Port Adelaide, South AustraliaRofe, M.; Oakley, S.
2006Constructions of mobility in post WWII AdelaideBonham, J.
2007Workforce planning in Australia: Concepts principles and current practiceSpoehr, J.; Carson, E.; Windsor, L.; Christine O'Connor; Annual PERA Conference (7th : 2007 : Caloundra, Australia)
2006A spatially sensitive approach to understanding the impact of public expenditure on social exclusionWilson, L.; Spoehr, J.; Martin, S.; Hopkinson, C.; Hall, C.; Social Change in the 21st Century (2006 : Brisbane)
2007Thinking strategically - Acting creatively: Ideas for fostering the development and sustainability of a creative economy in Adelaide South AustraliaAndrew, J.; Spoehr, J.; Hamnett, P.; State of Australian Cities Conference (3rd : 2007 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)