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2014The relative contribution of system failures and extreme behaviour in South Australian crashesWundersitz, L.; Baldock, M.; Raftery, S.
2013Introduction planning and housing: concepts, policy instruments and market analysisHincks, S.; Leishman, C.; Watkins, C.
2012Housebuilder networks and residential land marketsAdams, D.; Leishman, C.; Watkins, C.
2017Inventing a colonial dark tourism site: the Derby Boab "Prison Tree"Grant, E.; Harman, K.; Wilson, J.; Hodgkinson, S.; Piché, J.; Walby, K.
2017The use of segregation for children & youth: Applying theoretical understandings to current practiceGrant, E.; 6th National Juvenile Justice Summit (4 May 2017 - 5 May 2017 : Sydney, N. S. W.)
2017Housing and poverty: a longitudinal analysisStephens, M.; Leishman, C.
2012Affordable housingLeishman, C.; Rowley, S.; Clapham, D.; Clark, W.; Gibb, K.
2016Culture & architecture in the prison: Prison Environments for Indigenous Prisoners: International comparisons of prisons in Australia, Greenland, Canada, Aotearoa New Zealand and the USGrant, E.; The American Society of Criminology 72nd Annual Meeting (16 Nov 2016 - 19 Nov 2016 : New Orleans, LA)
2016Courthouse design principles to dignify spaces for Indigenous users: observationsAnthony, T.; Grant, E.
2015Climate change and the future of Australia's country townsBeer, A.; Tually, S.; Kroehn, M.; Martin, J.; Gerritsen, R.; Taylor, M.; Graymore, M.; Law, J.; Palutikof, J.; Boulter, S.; Barnett, J.; Rissik, D.