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2017The segregation and isolation of children and young people in the Victorian Juvenile Justice System: rethinking a flawed system: submission to the Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres in VictoriaNaylor, B.; Grant, E.; Lulham, R.; Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres in Victoria
2014Taikurrendi children and family centre, Christies BeachGrant, E.; Colbung, M.; Green, I.; Annual Conference of the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) Australasia (14th : 2014 : Adelaide)
2011Ceduna Aboriginal Children and Family Centre: Indigenous Design Considerations. Report to Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (South Australia). 106p.Grant, E.
2014'Impossible to detain ... without chains'? The use of restraints on Aboriginal people in policing and prisonsHarman, K.; Grant, E.
2015Finally fit for purpose: the evolution of Australian prison architectureGrant, E.; Jewkes, Y.
2017Inventing a colonial dark tourism site: the Derby Boab "Prison Tree"Grant, E.; Harman, K.; Wilson, J.; Hodgkinson, S.; Piché, J.; Walby, K.
2017The use of segregation for children & youth: Applying theoretical understandings to current practiceGrant, E.; 6th National Juvenile Justice Summit (4 May 2017 - 5 May 2017 : Sydney, N. S. W.)
2016Culture & architecture in the prison: Prison Environments for Indigenous Prisoners: International comparisons of prisons in Australia, Greenland, Canada, Aotearoa New Zealand and the USGrant, E.; The American Society of Criminology 72nd Annual Meeting (16 Nov 2016 - 19 Nov 2016 : New Orleans, LA)
2016Courthouse design principles to dignify spaces for Indigenous users: observationsAnthony, T.; Grant, E.
2016‘Inventing' a Colonial Dark History: The Derby Boab 'Prison' TreeGrant, E.; The American Society of Criminology 72nd Annual Meeting (16 Nov 2016 - 19 Nov 2016 : New Orleans, LA)