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Type: Image collection
Title: Series 9: Murchison District
Author: Bates, Daisy
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2012
Abstract: 9/24 Bates “taking dialects”, Murchison area. Verso: My method of procedure: I sit with them and take their dialects in my prepared Vocabularies and notebooks - Murchison area, Western Australia (four friends, all hungry and all glad to have Kabbarli with them). 9/24a Enlarged duplicate of Bates ‘taking dialects’ 9/25 Bates? With unidentified adults and child Verso: Murchison or Peak Hill – Central 9/26 Caption on printed portrait: The Passing Australian Weetamurra, a good type ‘kaimera’ from the Murchison area. A Noorup ? (Gairen? type) 9/27a Winjarroo, a Ballarruk (Dummy) with his dog 9/27b “Dummy”, the signature in pencil of a deaf and dumb native named Winjarroo, a Ballarruk of Dhoongara 9/27c Dhoongara Pedigree or genealogy (seacoast) Baitherra m. Wattandee, Tondarup married ?Erringarree f. Wattarndee Ballarruk and had issue: Winjarroo m. Wattarndee Ballarruk Beegarree m. Wattarndee dead Ballarruk Warndajarree m. Wattarndee dead Ballarruk ?Errinjannoo f. Wattarndee dead Ballarruk 2nd Winjarroo m. Wattarndee Ballarruk Married Marratharra f. Wattarndee Tondarup And had no issue Winjarroo is deaf and dumb but whether born so or not cannot be discovered. 9/28 Group of West Australian Natives – coloured postcard (Murchison area)
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