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Type: Image collection
Title: Series 9: South West Area
Author: Bates, Daisy
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2012
Abstract: 9/29 Ngandil, a Bunbury-Busselton man, one of the finest Bibbulmun hunters and runners. A perfect physical type, he was a Tondarup and Manitchmat (white cockatoo stock) and a ‘brother’ to John Forrest and myself – the last of his group. 9/30 Profile of Timbal, a Deedaruk, Vasse district (deedar, a species of small fish) and a fairer type Duplicate of ‘Timble’, a civilized Bunbury man, aged 60, well known in Perth, 1903-4 9/31 Portrait of Timbal 9/31a copy of photo 31 and negatives 9/32 King Peter, late of the Bunbury District Blacks (no king or chief in any native group DMB) 9/33 Portrait of Ngilgi (Ngilgee) Verso: the last Busselton-Augusta native 9/33a enlarged duplicate of 9/33 9/34 Ngilgee and others (a male, 4 females and 8 children) Verso: all castes except Ngilgi. Other names illegible. 9/35 Portrait of Joobaitch - coloured postcard inscribed ‘An old West Australian Aboriginal of the Perth tribe’ Verso: The photo of old Joolbaitch, who was the last Guildford native – died Sept. 20th, 1907 9/36 Printed photograph of Genburdong, Joobaitch and two others, from an unknown paper, titled Typical WA aboriginals – South West Verso: other names illegible. 9/37 men photographed before a corroboree, Westralian natives, Daydawn, WA Verso: I kept the peace between these groups (half NW, half SW) while a carnival was being held for Perth people – Commissioner of Police stated that I accomplished what would have taken 6 police (in relays of 2) to accomplish during the carnival week, keeping 2 tribes from making the least attempt to quarrel with each other. 9/38 Joolbaitch, his wife Fanny (Yool-yee-nar) and family, 1904 Bates at back. Verso: in pencil and ink – Old Jubaitch, the last Guildford (word illegible) Bibbulmun. Jubekr(?) at Home at Bellevue, two miles from Midland (illegible). All this part of the country belongs to the family of Jubekr. Fanny or Yool-yee-nar his wife, who is a half caste, has had 13 children. Jubyekr is her third husband. He inherited her from his elder brother Kyanga. Yool-yee-nar bore 7 children to her first husband, 5 to her second and one to Jubekr. The women and child at the left of the picture are only relatives. Myself behind Jubaitch, taken 1904. D. M. Bates, Ooldea. 9/39 Two Ngaparnook men from the Busselton area Verso: Devinda Williams, wife 13. Bibbulmun derelicts, 2 Ngaparnooks of Busselton area, SW WA. 9/40 Bishop Salvado, Abbot Nullins, New Norcia 1849 – 1902 Verso: First abbot of New Norcia 9/41 Group of participants at the Perth Carnival, February 1910 – damaged picture from The Western Mail Feb. 12, 1910 title group of Aborigines who recently visited Perth. A list of names follows, and names written by hand in ink on page as well. Verso: Names of South Western and Nor.Western Natives, all of whom I gathered from Albany to Nor’West to take part in a Perth Carnival week Feb.12, 1910. Patrol by myself had to be maintained night and day during the Carnival week. Front row: Jajjeebung, Mobel, Dooilbar, Ngaij-jung, Yooardel, “Billy”, Weetamurra Middle row: Woljar, Yeerain, Jambarit, Yarrbungit, Kaian, Nookar, Keekarr, Joolgur, Wongur Standing: Bimba, Dool, Nebinyan, Ngoonja, Wajjee, “Sandy”, Joonyer, “Billy Mardee”, Kaiar, Warin. All these wwere shepherded by myself only on a vacant allotment in North Perth during Carnival Week. Police Commissioner stated 6 police in 3 guard relays (8 hours each) would have been required to take charge of the mob. 9/42 Causeway, Bunbury 9/43 Australind R. C. Chapel at Dardenup, SW, where I used to accompany Dean Madelli on his ? towns throughout his parish, Dunbar, ? etc 9/44 Ngilgee and others from South West areas assembled to meet Governor and Lady Bedford, Maamba 1902 (women and female children in European dress, wearing hats and some tribal headdress, men and boys wearing shorts or trousers and painted bodies) Verso: Natives of several SW areas, also half caste women assembled to meet His Excellency and Lady Bedford at Maamba, my first camp at the foot of the Darling Ranges, 14(?) miles from Perth, 1902-3. Women all castes except Ngilgi with her dogs (marked with a cross) 9/44a Ngilgee and others to meet Governor and Lady Bedford, Maamba 1902 – as in 9/44, with r.h.section cut off. Verso: Ngilgi born in Busselton, WA, the only native female in the group 9/45 Dardenup Church (Roman Catholic) 9/46 Crow woman and White Cockatoo man (divisions noted by Bates) depicted on coloured postcard titled “Sweethearts”, West Australian Natives Verso: postmarked Dec. 17,1909, Wishing you the compliments of the season, from an interested observer of your work. Waleburg, WA 9/47 Group of Aboriginal women and children (copied from an older photo [30 years old] by JW or J. Watson)
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