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dc.contributor.authorBates, Daisy-
dc.description.abstract9/48 Studio portrait of Yirain (Jerain), Julgurit and Ngaijang (Ngaijung) Verso: Bibbulmun of SW, long dead 9/49 Jamborit’s mate, Warin Verso: There were 2 fundamental divisions amongst all Bibbulmun – Manitchmat (White cockatoo) and Wordungmat (Crow). The fine type of Bibbulmun may be noted. Warin and Jamborit/David and Johnathan 9/50 Recovered measles patients, Katanning, 1909 Verso: Natives all recovered from measles – 40 patients at once and no help from Katanning as measles was raging there. Doctors and nurses all required – lost adults and children daily at Katanning. I did not lose one of my 40 patients!!! And so am giving them a feast at the Katanning store – everything they asked for. 9/50a duplicate of 9/50 9/50b enlarged duplicate of 9/50 9/51 Jamborit and his mate (probably Warin), 2 copies Verso: This is Jamborit and his mate. Both died near Palinup (Salt River). Jamborit buried his babbingger and stayed near the grave till his own death came. A great love like that of David and Jonathan was between these two and one could not survive the other. 9/52 Wandinyilmernong (a Ballarruk, a Wardungmat of the Crow moiety, darker type)named the last Albany native by Daisy Bates.en
dc.titleSeries 9: Southern Districtsen
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