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Type: Image collection
Title: Series 9: Ooldea Area
Author: Bates, Daisy
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2012
Abstract: 9/53 group photo, Ooldea area, titled Painted ready for dancing, Ooldea...? Verso: some names of persons are Nyeerdain, Joondabil, Maardu, Banyan?,Tuyaguji, Thangarri – a wonderful Irish Keener as keened for all her dead. 9/54 Ceremonial preparations, Ooldea Trans. Rly – inma dhalgu shown by Wowri, Jujuna and others 9/55 New arrivals from Musgrave Ranges at Ooldea Camp, 1920 Verso:a new contingent from the Musgrave Range all dead except Gindigi, invisible in the right hand corner. I am also invisible with one of Gindigi’s little sons. 9/56 Two women and child, possibly Gurding, Nginyungga and Madu? Verso: note the patient expression on the mother’s face 9/56a enlarged duplicate of series 9/56 9/57 Man with spear thrower and shield – Eebari titled Moonlight, Ooldea Verso: Eebari, (Moonlight) 9/58 Camel buggy- Trans Australian Railway Verso: little kitten picked up and fed. Muddy on Nullarbor Plain. “Florrie” Camel Keeper 9/59 Daisy Bates and the Duke of Gloucester at Ooldea, October 1920 (Advertiser photo) 9/59a Daisy Bates in conversation with the Duke of Gloucester (out of frame), October, 1920 9/60 Group bidding farewell to Bates at Ooldea 9/60a Enlarged duplicate of series 9/60 9/61 “Amecol”? party who accompanied Bates on visit to sick people Verso: Am taking food to sick woman – an Amecol ? party came suddenly to my camp at Ooldea – carrying food to sick and old 9/62 Unidentified people at Jinnawili’s hut 9/63 Three unidentified women (and children in background)
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