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2002Increased congruence does not necessarily indicate increased phylogenetic accuracy - The behavior of the incongruence length difference test in mixed-model analysesDowton, M.; Austin, A.
2002Simultaneous molecular and morphological analysis of Braconid relationships (Insecta : Hymenoptera : Braconidae) indicates independent mt-tRNA gene inversions within a single wasp familyDowton, M.; Belshaw, R.; Austin, A.; Quicke, D.
2003Frequent mitochondrial gene rearrangements at the hymenopteran nad3-nad5 junctionDowton, M.; Castro, L.; Campbell, S.; Bargon, S.; Austin, A.
2000Estimating ancestral geographical distributions: a Gondwanan origin for aphid parasitoids?Belshaw, R.; Dowton, M.; Quicke, D.; Austin, A.
2001Simultaneous analysis of 16S, 28S, COI and morphology in the Hymenoptera: Apocrita - evolutionary transitions among parasitic waspsDowton, M.; Austin, A.
2000Rearrangement of the hymenopteran mitochondrial genome is accelerated relative to orthopteroid insectsDowton, M.; Austin, A.; Flook, P.
2000Hymenopteran research - future directions into the next milleniumDowton, M.; Austin, A.
2000The hymenoptera: an introductionAustin, A.; Dowton, M.
1997Evidence for AT-transversion bias in wasp (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) mitochondrial genes and its implications for the origin of parasitismDowton, M.; Austin, A.
1997Molecular phylogeny of the apocritan wasps: the Prototrupomorpha and EvaniomorphaDowton, M.; Austin, A.; Dillon, N.; Bartowsky, E.