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2011Evidence for population fragmentation within a subterranean aquatic habitat in the Western Australian desertGuzik, M.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Ong, S.; Kawakami, T.; Austin, A.
2013Molecular phylogenetic, morphological and biogeographic evidence for a new genus of parabathynellid crustaceans (Syncarida:Bathynellacea) from groundwater in an ancient southern Australian landscapeAbrams, K.; King, R.; Guzik, M.; Cooper, S.; Austin, A.
2008Australian postgraduate research students still prefer to 'stay at home': reasons and implicationsKiley, M.; Austin, A.
2011Diversity, distribution and taxonomy of the Australian agathidine genera Camptothlipsis Enderlein, Lytopylus Foerster and Therophilus Wesmael (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Agathidinae)Stevens, N.; Austin, A.; Jennings, J.
2007Phylogeny of the platygastroid wasps (Hymenoptera) based on sequences from the 18S rRNA, 28S rRNA and cytochrome oxidase I genes: implications for the evolution of the ovipositor system and host relationshipsMurphy, N.; Carey, D.; Castro, L.; Dowton, M.; Austin, A.
2011Novel use of a micro-computed tomography scanner to trace larvae of wood boring insectsJennings, J.; Austin, A.
2006Systematics of the Australasian endemic wasp genus Syngaster brulk (Hymenoptera : Braconidae : Doryctinae)Iqbal, S.; Austin, A.; Belokobylskij, S.
2008The systematics and biology of Cotesia nonagriae (Olliff) stat. rev. (Hymenoptera : Braconidae : Microgastrinae), a newly recognized member of the Cotesia flavipes species complexMuirhead, K.; Austin, A.; Sallam, M.
2005Systematics, evolution, and biology of scelionid and platygastrid waspsAustin, A.; Johnson, N.; Dowton, M.
2012Escape from parasitoids leave larvae vulnerable to predators and has unexpected outcomes for pest suppressionPaull, C.; Schellhorn, N.; HilleRisLambers, R.; Austin, A.