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2001Interactive effects of shade and surface orientation on the recruitment of spirorbid polychaetesSaunders, R.; Connell, S.
2013Contrasting resource limitations of marine primary producers: implications for competitive interactions under enriched CO₂ and nutrient regimesFalkenberg, L.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2013Eutrophication offsets increased sea urchin grazing on seagrass caused by ocean warming and acidificationBurnell, O.; Russell, B.; Irving, A.; Connell, S.
2009Differences in abalone growth and morphology between locations with high and low food availability: morphologically fixed or plastic traits?Saunders, T.; Connell, S.; Mayfield, S.
2010The direct effects of increasing CO₂ and temperature on non-calcifying organisms: increasing the potential for phase shifts in kelp forestsConnell, S.; Russell, B.
2005The response of encrusting coralline algae to canopy loss: an independent test of predictions on an Antarctic coastIrving, A.; Connell, S.; Johnston, E.; Pile, A.; Gillanders, B.
2008Detecting benthic responses to human-induced change: effectiveness of alternate taxonomic classification and indicesRoberts, B.; Connell, S.
2002Why do floating structures create novel habitats for subtidal epibiota?Holloway, M.; Connell, S.
2011Variation in the strength of continental boundary currents determines continent-wide connectivity in kelpColeman, M.; Roughan, M.; Macdonald, H.; Connell, S.; Gillanders, B.; Kelaher, B.; Steinberg, P.
2001Urban structures as marine habitats: an experimental comparison of the composition and abundance of subtidal epibiota among pilings, pontoons and rocky reefsConnell, S.